What did you do in MFS today?

I finished my round the world trip. I started from France 14 weeks ago with the Pipistrel or the Xcub but then realize it was sometime very very long so I used also the TBM (and a few others sometime just to try but came back to those planes). I flyed around 2h45 a day (273 h in total). I landed at 135 fields, some very very small with the Xcub and off course some big. I went from France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Nepal, Thailand, China, North Korea, Japan, Bearing detroit, North america (west coast) to Ushuaia, Brazil, crossed the atlantic to Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, crossed the sahara, Spain and back to France (off course some other countries between all those). MSFS is just wonderfull !!


Flew the A32NX FBW from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

This flight started “Cold and Dark” at the gate and ends with a successful AUTOLAND procedure at Fairbanks.

This aircraft is the product of a dedicated team. Kudos to their efforts to create a most immersive Airbus A320.

Enjoy the flight


Today I flew CYOW-CYUL IFR on VATSIM in the Baron 59. It was a rainy departure from Ottawa and overcast when I landed at Montreal. Kind of a boring screenshot, but I was able to sacrifice some OLOD for ultra clouds, thought maybe I’d show it off :smile:

The controllers were fantastic even when I was on the wrong STAR :sweat_smile:. He quickly and respectfully gave me vectors to the correct one until I had it programmed. Great job to all at CZUL FIR! To anyone maybe getting bored of flying, or anyone at all really, I STRONGLY encourage you to give VATSIM a try, but make sure you do your research and (at least a little) know what you’re doing! It adds an insane new level of immersion! Sorry if going off-topic, mods please feel free to remove, but if you want to give VATSIM a try a great resource is the Aviation Pro channel on youtube with many great videos on how to fly on the VATSIM network.
Again, mods feel free to remove if you deem it off topic, sorry for that. Just want to encourage others to take the next leap in their flight simming!
Cheers and safe travels!


Return back to EKCH from EFHK, with a BREATHTAKING tribute to Dc9 Finnair Livery…


Was curious if there was a Notice To Airmen about the Chinese rocket re-entry, so did a FP in Simbrief for Melbourne to Wellington. Splashdown is expected int eh next few hours.

interestingly, nothing turned up for that rocket, but this did…

F1485/21 VALID: 09-MAY-21 0753 - 15-MAY-21 0806
FM 2943S 06007E

FS is really proving to be an interesting window to the world


While waiting for my passengers to wake up, I teleported across the pond to Wales in the hopes of trying my hand at the Mach Loop. It turned out Llanbedr was totally socked in, so no chance of that, so I did a quick IFR flight to Newcastle in the wonderful Working Title CJ4 instead. Clouds topped out in the high 30,000’s, and I only got to peek over them for a few minutes before ATC asked me to begin my descent. Fortunately I was given a full ILS approach and the CJ4 handled it flawlessly.

During our stay in Tampa, I treated the Bandeirante to a striking new livery. I’ve been looking for one that didn’t scream out “airliner” as much as most, and this new Loganair one is the closest I’ve found yet. Today’s leg to Orlando was shorter than most but was rich in sightseeing opportunities.

Lots of fancy hotels and golf courses on the way in.


Disney’s Contemporary Resort, with its built-in monorail link to the Magic Kingdom.

And finally the Magic Kingdom itself!

After the Disney tour we continued northeast toward downtown Orlando, and our final stop, the Orlando Executive Airport.

Tomorrow we head back west to Florida’s gulf coast and up towards the panhandle.


Played follow the leader in the gotgravel Vertigo, shooting up and through the cloud layer at 350 knots. :slightly_smiling_face:

The ATC by default is SO bad, that one day, i decided to take a step further and try VATSIM…
It changed permanently my perspective of IFR flying. Now, when no ATC available online on VATSIM, I’d rather “test” fly patterns or do vfr (very very seldome though). It gives a whole universal size dimension to have real-human interraction as ATC…
I’m thankfull to all these people who like being/doing ATC. Without them, I think I might have stopped playing MSFS ( or at least considered it thoroughly), since airliners are my favourite type of flying.


This is mindblowing… :exploding_head:
would never have thought it would ever been “simulated”

I laughed until I stopped!

nice…I like testing a lot too, when FBW come out with new “stuff” to their mod…it’s a real JEWEL !!
But if i may “say” something…landing speed for A32N is arround 130kt. You arrived too fast, so you had to take control too soon, and couldn’t test and enjoy a “full” autoland :wink:
During a full autoland, the only thing you need to do, is pull back thrust to iddle when computer says retard…and then take control and brake and stear :wink:

Today’s part of trip around Australia in C172. Departed from Cooktown (YCKN) heading to Lockhart River (YLHR). It was nice weather all flight with good tail wind 10kn. Except that it was very turbulent. However, I found this just before Lockhart River airport.

And the airport got covered in clouds just before my eyes. So I had to go to alternate airport that was behind mountains, so clouds didn’t get there. I landed at Wattle Hills Airport (YWAT). After lending there, I found out there is really nothing around, so I continued to Weipa (YBWP).

lad mig lige test den her for dig, og jeg kommer tilbage med mine resultater

Let me test this one for you, and i’ll be back with the results

ok, just so your vid…quite weird ILS … I will check it too.
Like i said in your last vid, landing spedd wayyyyyy too high ! between 126kt and 135kt according to the weather. Actually if you put all datra in the MCDU, it’ll even give you the landing speed :wink:

Took out the CRJ again after some time, EDDF-ESGG.
Still challenging, yet so much fun.


Some loose formation flying over the Caribbean - one Goose, two Geese


Totally agree. I’m almost dissapointed, because now when theres no ATC online on VATSIM, I find no real feeling from flying with the default atc :sleepy:. Also, I’m on my way to becoming a controller on the network so if you ever want to fly vatsim in canada you might be talking to me soon! :smile:
Happy flying!

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excellent…I happen to have Vancouver payware from Dreamteam :sunglasses: :partying_face:…I’d like doing some Vancouver to Calgary, or Edmonton …or Toronto flights. Just hope the phraseology is not too different, compared to European phraseology…Or even Europe-Canada-Europe long haul. But that’s more tricky to be synchronised with the online-ness of the ATC on the other side. :wink:
Hopefully FBW will “soon” release their A380 !!! I’m popping of impatience :grin:


Kept it serious and all above board…just don’t show the CAA :rofl:


Performed an amazing flight from EHAM to LEBL with A32N. Tomorrow will go from LEBL to EDDM, weather is so nice in Munich so I expect it will be a very smooth landing as well.

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