What did you do in MFS today?

(this was actually a couple days ago, because I got busy and I usually post these right before I’m ready to start my next leg)

I decided to make one more stop inland before heading back to Florida’s gulf coast, because I noticed I was near Ocala where I remember hearing John Travolta kept his ex-QANTAS Boeing 707 parked outside his house. I looked it up, and although he has since donated the 707 back to Australia, I figured there was still a chance of seeing it due to the outdated nature of the satellite imagery, so I made plans to take a look around 17FL before landing at KOCF.

Finally there. I circled around a couple times and saw some nice houses but sadly no planes parked outside them.

Finally landed at Ocala Intl.


I did more “City to city” flights in a A320 and added voice to my videos (I do not like my own voice) :smiley:

Next, I would like to try out the 747 and see if I can figure it out, based on A320 experience.

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Landing practice ! Got a very nice new ultralight from market place, 103 Solo

These looks:blush: pick and choose…


Had a ctd near Nantes so I tried a flight in Los Angeles… went fine. Checked out the ASD in DTLA and it could sure use some great treatment for its helipads. So could KVNY at the LAFD station.


Was that Hooper Heliport? (made famous from Blue Thunder)

787 last small flight with the vanilla version before moving on to mod .
I don’t have much to show that is scenic or breathtaking , a simple arrival at FIMP (mauritius international) , at night \ thunderstorm and reduced visibility. Night and extreme weather conditions are a constant of the few screenshots I have posted so far, but this conditions help me to more carefully evaluate the various systems of each aircraft. This is what I did on MFS today .


Finally flew to Machu Picchu. Thanks to MSFS Italia for bringing this to life!


Home of “Astro Division”

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After finally tweaking MSFS (VR) to a stable 36fps, I took an Air Hauler job in my Cessna Caravan from Belfast EGAA to EGYV which is a tiny, lakeside grass strip in Scotland… In the dark. And it was raining. Didn’t see it til I was nearly on top of it, but managed to set her down safely. Held my breath for the last 500 feet!


Wonder how long to drive up in the Pajero

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Vertigo Sightseeing over Miami Beach


sat in the tower at Heathrow for awhile, messed with the cameras and believe I detected vapor trails from wing tips etc… could it be???


Even lightning can’t keep up with a Vertigo - it’s that fast. :smiley: Somewhere between Singapore and Jakarta.


what did I do? have a stressful flight thanks to an incompetent ATC.

thankfully the guy taking off ont he runway next to me had a horrible climb rate.
TCAS was lit up like a chirstmas tree 3x today. 2 Red Alerts and 1x Amber

ATC: QF342, traffic at 12 o’clock… same altitude. Please confirm you have them in sight"

QF342: ummm that would be the plane now at my 6 o’clock that had a near miss with me. Why yes… I saw it! grrrrrr ATC, please write this phone number down… :upside_down_face:

I heard no aural alerts. I am curious if they are featured, or only used when the warning goes from Red alert to Brown alert. Does anyone know the anser to this?

this was yet another near miss… different from the one mentioned above


Ocala to Tallahassee in the Bandeirante. Hoping to make it to Fort Walton Beach/Eglin AFB area next time, in honor of one of my best friends whose dad used to fly Warthogs out of Eglin.


“Spacing? What’s that?” :smiley:

Sky Harbor was insane - I finally turned on real-time AI Traffic, and hoo-boy. I could have sworn Tower said I was No. 2 to land, but clearly I cut in front of No. 1 and he just ran me over. Ironically, you can just see the Delta still on the active, I went around two more times because of slackers not taxiing off.


This Airbus Fanboy had to testfly the Salty mod 747 and the Heavy-Division B78XH, because so far, only the A32nx from FBW reaches a level of realism that the name/adjective “simulator” is deserved in MSFS ( personal opinion, of course ).


Completed a two hour flight around Northern Scotland, and the Orkneys, in the BN2 Islander. Was pleased to see a few other Islanders up there, too.

VFR Stornoway (EGPO) to Papa Westray (EGEP).pln (4.0 KB)


Spent some hours doing landing practice at LEMD, LEBL and LFML in various aircraft. Seneca V, Seminole, Caravan, Mooney…

Then I spent a few hours troubleshooting some annoying CTDs and stutters on final approach.

After successfully (I think) resolving the issues, I had great fun buzzing around Barcelona in the Turbulence. Winds gusting to almost 40 knots. By the way - it always feels great overtaking airliners on departures in a light GA aircraft. :grin:

I rounded off the day with a nice sunset flight from LEBL to LEMD in the FBW A320. The descent planning actually worked out this time - it’s a hit and miss really.


Hi, my name is Justcruisin1186 and I am a simaholic

seriously… I am not working atm, don’t care about my hours, but when you get awoken by lightning at 3am, winds and pouring rain, I am pretty sure it’s a bad sign when your first thought is to start up the sim at the local airport

also recently finding a long time friend, (we bonded over Top Gun… when it was first released) is highly accomplished pilot and runs an airline… makes it really really REALLY hard to be a simmer when you want to chat with someone with all the knowledge (and then some), but you remember they are your mate and you are not a groupee… so avoid the topic entirely, even though it is taking up vast amounts of your life atm.

note… what’s worse, it appears I am not alone. I can’t imagine ‘OzWookie’ is in a vastly different timezone!!