What did you do in MFS today?

No. I flew a few combat sims back in the day starting with Falcon 3.0 back in 1993-ish when I got my first PC. Never really got into civil aviation sims at the time. They didn’t really appeal to me until the last few years.

Yes, this Live Weather can deliver a true low-visibility landing scenario.

This is Shawnee Regional KSHL today using Live Weather. LNM holds me at .12 nm and 1100’ on the altimeter. The airport elevation is 1073’. Thank goodness for WT G1000 Velocity Vector. I hit AP disconnect, maneuvered to put the VV on the runway piano keys and continued landing. Freaking. Amazing.


Zurich to Courchevel and back in the King Air. Pretty ugly but high clouds where they needed to be. Had trouble locating the runway as it was snowed in and my first trip here so too high on arrival. Circled around and touched down OK but was too heavy on the reversers and brakes. I didn’t know what to expect. Stopped midway up the snowy slope and slid backwards and then sideways back down. Got it turned around and used reversers to stop me. Freaky!

Can’t find it

Not good!

Climbing up

This should be interesting!

Back in the air


Second trip of the day. Zurich to Innsbruck and back in the 320. Another first. Way too high on arrival again. Big figure 8 to regroup and get back on track.

Had a real nice landing at Innsbruck but bounced the ILS back in Zurich. Go figure.


Had some fun recreating my paragliding flight at Pandy Ridge Wales/England. Very impressed as I recognised the ridge very well in the sim :metal: :grinning: I do prefer the greens in MSFS :rofl:


Today…hum Yesterday was the first flight in C172 of my long journey to follow the Mississipi River from the sea to its source.
I have started from New Orleans. Because of external event, i had to land at Baton Rouge (at the second flight, first one has crash (sim frozen) while manipulating WT G1000 after 30 minutes, have to kill FS process and restarted the flight with C172 classic with GNS530 Mod). No screenshot sorry, it was just to give to you an idea of trip :wink:


Fortuitously passed over Meteor Crater (Winslow AZ) on my I-40 Cross-Country trip. Amazing!


Cross-Oregon flight practicing in the Grand Caravan: Hillsboro (KHIO) to Pendleton (KPDT), vaguely along the Columbia River and past Mt Hood.


That was one of the first things I visited back in August on release. When you compare that to the X-Plane version, which I flew over on a US tour in the Kodiak, there is no comparison.


I was flyin’ o’er a crater in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see…


“Black as a cat at midnight in a coal mine.” Yep. Somewhere over SW USA following the Magenta line.


Continued along the gulf coast of Mexico from Veracruz to Minatitlan.


I tried this out,

It looks really funny :slight_smile: but flywise it feels like a Blériot. Its liftoff is very slow, aircraft feeling overly heavy. And it requires some skill to use the “aeleron” which is not really an aeleron. Landing went quite smooth and easy, but this thing is so slow you can correct multiple times while flying over the runway. But it also requires a lot of landing space… approach low, glide, roll out, then taxi out… don’t try to force it down last moment.

For sightseeing, I prefer the 103… or Cessna L19 seaplane, or freeware Goose, when I want to land on water.



Today I flew from Cairns (YBCS) to Hamilton Island (YBHM) in the CJ4 working title

Cheers Flewy


Continued my journey in South America with a flight from Columbia to Ecuador in the A320.

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I really managed to have a third flight with no CTD, but new massive stutter experience on the not too big airport of Trondheim. I noticed that I actually landed in some surreal spike land which was called “Norway” in the world map of MSFS. After landing I asked myself what Asobo could break next.

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It’s wrong terrain data, cached or Bing or otherwise… and the default resolution is not enough for mountains, even with Norwegian mountains, that are mostly rounded.

I have a tip.

I don’t see any spikes or (many) bad mountains in Norway because I downloaded a faultless DEM for it. This is big (ca 5GB) but when you love Norway, make sure get it…

Great idea, but…

a.) when I buy a sim I expect the fundamental terrain data not to be perfect, but generally fit for use without such spikes and other strange phenomena.

b.) Everytime I’m complaining about CTDs and other issues I’m always told: Try with an empty community folder. (Actually last August Asobo told to the world that the community would play an important part in MSFS, now it’s seen as the origin of problems.) What will happen after the next update if I install this DEM? A new series of CTSs because the DEM is incompatible with the updates?

c.) Last autumn these spikes weren’t there, now they occur after several “updates”.

No one has diskspace for perfect, we have to do with “no spikes” and “good mountains”. Now, 20m is best available download for Norway. There is a 10m DEM for Austria.

When I find an issue. I try to solve it. Especially when it does not cost me… :relieved: this is freeware. Maybe solving the Trondheim spikes is not a priority, because MS/Asobo will replace the whole thing with the next update.

And of course make sure to remove this data from your Community folder prior to the Norway update. I made that mistake once: to leave a London Orbx addon in, surviving the UK MSFS world update. I’ve still nightmares of the view I got. I could sue them for psychological damage. But I won’t, I try to enjoy the game.

With Community, always be carefull. But there is no paranoia needed. Worst case, AP, aircraft and ATC addins can cause a CTD. Bad scenery will look ugly, or give you a low frame rate. When \Community causes issues, you don’t need to remove things. Just park them for a while and wait for an update. Of the addin OR for MSFS. For instance, since october 2020 I have this lovely Ameland airstrip addin, really nice stuff. It worked until december… then it gave me stutters. But each update, I try to install it again. Just to see if something happened. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Community, it can do no real harm, it is all “sandboxed”.

Here’s the same spot you showed…


Completed two bush trip legs but since they are no longer showing up, I couldn’t prove it.

Are bush trips fixed?

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