What did you do in MFS today?

I flew from Ecuador to Peru, and attempted to land the A32NX at CUZCO, an airport at 11000 feet.
Look at the last 5 minutes and see what happened:

KPDX to KCOS. I remember back in the 90s, transferring to a Delta L-1011 flight and seeing some taxiing F-15s. Wondered where they hung out. The KPDX payware has the OANG base done well. Anyway, did a little NOE by Mt Hood. The weather got nasty coming into my Colorado destination.


I made this today.
I fabricated a fibre wood wall and glued some sectionals on it. Pretty nice huh.


KBID to KUUU using the (new to me) C172 JT-A, short final into R22. This mod is great - so much easier to control the engine power and no longer having to address mixture settings. And it handles less twitchier than the stock Skyhawk. Just looking forward to Gaya Simulations fixing up Block Island airport.


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Continued along the Mexican coast from Minatitlan to Ciudad del Carmen in the Seneca. Seeing the shadows of the clouds from up above and passing in and out of the sun never gets old.

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Waiting for them to return…


St Petersburg, FL en-route to Paris, Texas.


Continued my Airbus flight from Peru to…the very tip of South America.

Dawn flight Exeter EGTE to Southampton EGHI, Piper Arrow Turbo IV


Today we played Eye Spy in the Orbyx Optica.

ps. We have many happy memories of seeing this Futuristic Aircraft flying at Old Sarum when it was in development.

pps. Beloved Co Pilot insisted that we take her Favourite Aircraft up as well.


M20R Ovation, sunrise, heading Anchorage, Alaska. :grinning:


Great video. Check if your GPU or CPU “stuttered” a touchdown?

Investigating beta range settings in engine.cfg… they do something but can’t pinpoint it yet… :shushing_face: :thinking:

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Morning flight into Perth.


absolutely. I am assuming it slowed, getting me out of sync with the GS. It tried to nose down then I disengaged the AP. My inputs were then working ‘behind’ the sim (or in front). It almost never happens on my system and very very rarely at such a critical point. Suck it’s happened on such an amazing approach. This was also my second landing with a dying rudder… the sensitivity was reduced, so overreactions probably did not help.

I have sussed it out previously and it is clearly a thread bottleneck on the CPU

I read the dev version currently has DX12 being worked on. With a little joy, next update will literally be a game changer. Saw it either here or reddit… yesterday

I really wish this had a replay feature (duh)… 3/4 way throughth e high dronee shot obve the runway and couds would have been great to see the plane emerge from the clouds from that pov

what a fun approach. Managed to recover nicely. I am curious, was this an RNAV approaach? LS was selected, but nothing tuned, obscuring the ALT-DEV indicator… I still can’t figure if/when this is meant to work with approach mode. Pretty sure dialing in the descent rate as the primary procedure is not correct, but I am happy I can adapt. However just waiting to see how the plane responds is not very procedural.

Also side note… a reddit post. Someone posted a pic from a window on the final to RW16R into Sydney. Someone painted Welcome To Perth on their roof. Glorious.

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Still learning south americas.

Had a nice thunderstorm sunrise on my way lately, nice enough to left VR for one of my now rare screenshots (did someone note that there is no screenshot option in VR?).

The lightnings are above and below when I flew between this two cloud layers and is was a remarkable experience. Of course the longitude was well shaken by some serious bumps. I imagined what it would feel like with a motion rig.


Took a break from my coastal tour of North America to try out FSEconomy. I started out flying air taxi missions around southern California in various rented planes (a Baron, an Arrow, and a 172). Then I found an Arrow available for lease, the only catch was I had to go all the way to Alaska to pick it up, so now I’m trying to work my way back down to the Pacific northwest.

From the suburbs, mountains, and deserts east of San Diego…

To the tourist attractions of Orange County…

And back to more mountains and deserts north of Los Angeles…

And up to Alaska to pick up and bring home “my own” Arrow on a longer-term lease.


A quick hop from Republic Field to LaGuardia in the JT-A.


Tried out the Orbx Optica on my usual route - KBID to KUUU. Honestly, I like the AeroSoar version better, but it’s certainly a very polished visual model.