What did you do in MFS today?

checking out a new payware for Honolulu. More airports, trees cleared on beach - good. structures, airport items not as good as other payware sceneries, but capable. I did notice a lag at the end of each flight. Nice bit is PHTO is treated.


A little flight with the Mooney Ovation in Bora Bora French-Polynesia.


I departed Toronto CYYZ late evening last night in some rain heading for Shanghai ZSPD. Flight timer is at 6:30h out of an expected 13 hour flight. Having an absolute great time in the sim.

Xbox Series X [please don’t ctd on me]

Some images from departure:


Weird… Sorry that I can’t help and curious to know if you find a solution

Ventura Highway … Wow America what an ancient reference LOL!!!

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Today, in MSFS is “BACKUP DAY” in preparation of what ever will happen in the next with the “Update” .

I have got a temporary solution to reinitiate the password.
All is OK now.
I think the issue might be linked to special characters used in the password.

Nothing against backups - I don’t do enough of them TBH.

But what update? The only things flagged are a 3rd Party and an SDK update - they wouldn’t have any effect on the sim. Next proper update slated for next week, 26th, with a new World Update.

Last night timelapse

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My error, getting my dates mixed up.

Corrected my post so it does not mislead anyone else . My apologies

Within your main MFS directory you will have a Usercfg.opt file which can be opened in notepad. It’s a matter of changing the “colorgrading” from 1 to 0, saving the file, and then making it read-only so that MFS doesn’t reset the value.

There are other posts on here which probably explain it better than I have.

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Went back to see how 1.18.15 stacks up with what was released in Oct 2020…


It’s the 24th, and several fixes are expected to be deployed with it as well that were pushed from the last hotfix - ATC as one example.


You mean ATC won’t call me on the radio like a drunk ex-girlfriend at 3 am anymore???

Thank ■■■■■■!

Cooler August morning in LA. Sadly, the small helipad pack from flightsim.to messes up the game, but the scenery for DTLA has some hard rooftops (though not as picturesque). Planetarium scenery is not solid, so through I went, but recovered and settled for the top of the mount.


Is that helicopter cockpit modeled accurately or is it a fictitious cockpit?

Visiting the landing challenges with real weather in the A320 isn’t easy. Today to Llanada Grande SCLD in the Chilean mountains.

Trouble ahead

Nothing to see the rest of the way. I used little navmap to scout out the terrain and refine my approach until the runway appeared in the right spot

Down in one piece

Horrible weather, lot of icing on the way as well

The visibility and weather radar (not extending sideways due to the mountains, cool detail)


Simulated North Atlantic Oceanic entry with CPDLC, DCDU, HF, and SELCAL.

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Nice!!! I guess that makes me ancient.

Flying into Hurricane Grace over Jamaica…