What did you do in MFS today?


South through PA to Virginia:

Oh yeah and played with ReShade a bit.


Ah okay, thank you.

I practiced some fully-manual landings in the 787-10 with a new controller setup. I came in too high and landed long, but hey, at least I kept most of the wheels on the tarmac. :slight_smile:


Next landing challenge, Suwanosejima Airport RJX8. Beautiful weather today

There it is, going wide to lose height

Air brakes help, ATC left me high far too long again

Coming in for a go around, kinda hard to spot the runway

Second approach, success

Hmm, where did I stow the rope ladder

One at a time


OK, checked out the TC livery from MPI and it works fine, as does RSP’s Jurassic Park Scenery (helipads and dinos) - are there supposed to be dinos at Port Allen?


Work ran late so i am doing a night flight from the Keys.

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Night drop complete, finishing the last leg


some interesting weather heading into Vancouver


I didn’t do anything this week because I got a new dvd usb external drive attachment and ended up playing farm simulator 19


Two more landing challenges revisited, Isafjordur and Aspen

BIKF to BIIS, I tried departing from Reykjavik but got CTD while taxiing to the runway, twice

Beautiful approach

Following the road to the runway

Seems very capable of handling the A320

And from Denver to Aspen, ATC has you flying rather low

Sight seeing in the A320

ATC advises to circle the runway, to loose altitude I guess, not needed


At the risk of sounding stupid can I ask if you created your global tour route plan via Flight Sim Virtual Airline or did you produce this yourself on a spreadsheet. Interested as I am planning doing something similar around UK and then Europe.

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Qantas checking in for the Afghan assistance Operation Scottsnoairlift

not great conditions, but lots of simmer traffic to lend a helping hand. Not sure these glow in the dark fluro pink liveries are ideal for keeping a low profile (please fix asap)

today I think it will be flights from Kabul to Bangkok and back again to drop off for flights across Australisia, or on to Australia

interesting looking up the ICAO code the airport operator is listed as USAF & Taliban. ummm no.


Playing with little navmap while flying in the dirt in Az. NW to ???:


More approach and landing practice with my controller setup tonight - once I got the button assignments and sensitivity curves tweaked to my satisfaction, the toughest part was navigating the AI-suggested route to the gate. What do they think this is? A Zero-Turn Mower or something? :slight_smile:

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Did some lake hopping in the Minnesota Boundary Waters. Lots of fun.


Not stupid at all. But I just downloaded this route from the website I provided. There’s a pdf file at the bottom of the website.

Not really in sim, but more with sim.

Trying to reproduce issues others having to maybe be more of an help on the forum.

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Today was a flight model modding attempt day. :wink:

I found a POH online for the Flight Design CTSL (the actual CT Supralight, not one of the beefier LSA models) and read that the -12 degree flaps position is meant to be used at cruise, to reduce drag and boost speed a few knots!

Tested it out, and unfortunately found that it has no effect on speed in the sim, though it does correctly affect pitch… Turns out the flight_model.cfg lists 0 drag for both 0 degree and -12 degree flaps positions!

Unfortunately my attempts to mod it didn’t result in improvements; I think the flaps drag model just doesn’t properly handle negative flaps right now. ;_;

It’s still a lovely plane and I enjoy flying it, but I could sure use that extra 5 knots boost. :wink:

Detail thread on this subject if anyone’s interested:


flying to Las Vegas on Vatsim