What did you do in MFS today?

Just don’t try it with your plane on the ground. I have no idea why but after you get a ways away from your plane it complains that you damaged your landing gear. The first time I had just landed and left the plane running. I assumed I forgot to hit the parking brake and it somehow rolled into something. The 2nd time, I loaded into an airport cold & dark and the same thing happened.

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Currently flying from Luxor, Egypt to Paris. The stuttering has really gone down (at least this time around) we’ll see I just took off

The sims performance was better on my I7 1060 after the patch. I flew two short cross country flights. One in the Diamond twin from Schiphol to some smaller airport nearby that ended with a ILS. The other flight was in the Baron from Stuart Canada to a small Canadian coastal airport. I have to say I was happy with both flights and enjoyed the VFR flying with the spectacular views and believable atmospheric conditions. I used the auto pilots and made a flight plan using the G1000.


No MFS for me today. Instead I had to deal with a really special plane at work.
An old A300 (F-BUAD) used by CNES, DLR and ESA for parabolic flights.


nothing cause my a 320 doesn’t want to fly :\

Inspired by this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/NTMApilot

I’ve taken to flying around Papua New Guinea on made-up missions to deliver imaginary cargo to remote villages in hard-to-get-to locations in some of the most epic and terrifying natural environments in the world.

To make this more immersive, I found a fantastic Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) livery for the trusty Cessna 208 (sadly we don’t yet have a Quest Kodiak 100 in MSFS, so the Cessna will have to do as the closest comparison available).

It’s great fun. I wish there was a simple points-based system to turn my make-believe missions into actual gameplay (maybe earn XP or some form of currency or just tie a career into missions).


I’m retracing the first round the world circumnavigation - well, as close as I can. Will be flying into Japan later today.

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Yesterday I created a second missing airstrip of the hundreds missing in Canada, made a short list of others I want to create, and eventually share. Then did some flying in the King Air from CYYR (Goose Bay) to CYJT (Stephenville) and felt and saw the real world weather in action for the first time, bumpy and windy with low ceiling upon landing. And to cap of the night, a flight from CYHM (Hamilton) to St Catharines (CYSN) in the Cirrus at night, and the skies were so busy with other aircraft (counted 17 ahead of me), the FPS dropped a lot. Hope tonight to build another airstrip or 2 and fly over Niagara Falls at night to see if it is illuminated.


I suspect the reason is that the resolution of the terrain mesh under your aircraft reduces when you move far away. Sometimes, when you’re far away and then reset the drone cam to bring it quickly back to your aircraft (numpad ‘5’), the terrain near/under your aircraft will re-form (back to a higher detail mesh I presume) and the aircraft will jump/drop a bit as the ground literally moves under you.

The severity of the effect likely depends on how flat the general terrain is in your area. The flatter the area, the further away you can move the drone cam (probably).

After calling MS support to help me post Patch 2 as I was unable to load the game due to an issue w/ not having update the Xbox App for PC, which I had not installed. After that solved the issue I started a flight at a fav airport, KSBA, which I’ve flown out of several times now only to notice image quality has deteriorated substantially post installation of Patch 2. Next, I had my first every complete dump into the toilet of performance after about 45 minute of this flight. Had lots of CPU/GPU/VRAM headroom when rather suddenly frames went from solid vsync’d 30 to 6 or 7, so I closed down the sim. I’m hoping they fix what they screwed up in Patch 2 quickly because for now I’m not wanting to use it. Back to P3D until they sort this out it’s really a bummer I was looking forward to flying MSFS today.

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Today a finish my trip’s second leg from Anchorage to Cancun Mexico via DFW with the AAL A320. First leg ANC-DFW 6,5hrs was day before patch2.

After finding out to keep APU running I have no problems with the A320 thanks to this forum.

Than made the first flight as Viva Aerobus A320 pilot with new addon A Pilot’s Live by simbitworld.com (19,43€) from Cancun MMUN to Torreon MMCT. 2,5hrs flight with no problems - and running APU !
Amazing scenery views when braking through the clouds on Torreon VOR-DME approach.


4.5hr flight UK-Canaries A320 (APU on) no issues at all. Flew the new Mooney around Gran Canaria , all good… great days flying.

Flew around the south of England for 4 hrs in onair. Absolutely awsome loving every minute.


i tried to restart my left engine in 3 differents flight, then i turned off the pc


I flew around my beloved Iceland (BIAR) what I have visit 2 years ago in RL. Flight from BIAR to BIRK (Reyklavik) took 45-50 Minutes in RL same in the sim. I recommend a slow GA around BIAR and BIRK and the TBM to fly the route.

I higly recommend to install first the fix from baddweapon.

One more link to check the pictures before you download


I completed leg 27 of my world tour, visiting Dracula’s castle among other places

And then tried to figure out how to get back to previous detail levels

It seems it’s beyond my control due to changes in caching. I could download every area I’m going to ahead of time but don’t really want to get into that nightmare plus I often divert off my general plotted path.

Today I took the DA62 up for it’s third look at the storm between southern Italy and Greece (live weather). A bit of a washout, as temperatures were too low to be able to climb far into it without icing up, and its now over the Greek mountains, so going in low wasn’t sensible. Decided to fly to Italy instead, and flew into Reggio Calabria just as the sun was setting.

I then continued my possibly-round-the-world trip in the XCub. The trip had started in England a couple of weeks back, and I’d got as far as the Azores, before turning back east. My leg today was from Madeira to the Canaries, and I decided to take a look at the Ilhas Selvagens in the way. Apparently the total population on the islands is two or three rangers and the odd scientific researcher, but I still managed to find their house.


Today I discovered that there are also power lines in the game. But I am still missing a good representation of cooling towers.

2 hr flight in the C172 up the east coast of Italy before landing at Bologna. Then took another 2+ hr flight from Paderborn in Germany down to Geneva in Switzerland. Dolomites later for some sightseeing then might head over to Pula in Croatia in the TBM from Venice and then on down to Athens in Greece.

Did the 7th leg of the Patagonia Bush Trip yesterday. Since I couldn’t figure out how to refuel the plane and also didn’t controll the mixture and prop of the xCub correctly I ran out of fuel just in sight of the destination Airport and crashed into the city. :neutral_face:

Strangely it said In the HUD that I had still 7% fuel left, but even switching between the tanks didn’t help.

Have to do the whole 90 minutes flight again. :grimacing: