What did you do in MFS today?

Amazing trip in the Shock Ultra from Venice, Italy to Tignes, France via some stunning mountains! Live Weather added a whole new dimension and challenge.

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Did you try to delete the community folder and let the sim generate a new folder upon startup?

Just a small 50 minute flight in the Solomon’s with the C208 on FSE. Will probably be doing some more random island hopping tomorrow :slight_smile:

Waited for a 110gb download as the update wiped my original installation. :frowning_face:

Flew for about 2 hours in the Patagonia. From SAWH to SCCI. Tried 2 times before this week with rapid icing at 1800 m and 28 kt winds…today it was amazingly calm.


I’ve been checking out the storm to the south of Bermuda in the TBM. Couldn’t find a hole in the middle, but per satellite images, it probably doesn’t have one anyway. Or at least, not one open from top to bottom. I spent longer than I intended, which made for a spectacular sunset (see below), but also made for a rather questionable ‘VFR’ landing in very poor visibility back at Bermuda. You aren’t supposed to use the GPS to fly the circuit…

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Been practicing landing with the A320neo using ILS for guidance with autopilot off. Trying to get better with manually aligning the localizer and riding the glideslope while making minute roll and pitch inputs. Just press and release the stick. Experimenting a bit with lower sink rates below the glideslope and timing of retard. I am finding that if I hear the Retard announcement, its usually too late to retard.

The AP can get a little wonky at times so needs to be helped to get back to flight plan. Other times it seems to do it perfectly. I notice that sometimes it pitches down on a turn but keeping it in MAN TOGA in the initial climb that requires a turn at the same time seems to help. Then switch to THR CLB after the turn to complete the climb. If using the AP also make sure that the MCDU Perf page is in the correct phase. If you try to setup an approach while the MCDU is in CRZ, the speed target will probably not be 145 knots. In my case it was 100 and with full flaps that will cause the A floor protection to engage.

Yesterday, took the TBM from Unakleet Alaska, back to the home drome in Vancouver via a gas stop in Prince Rupert. The approach into Rupert was fun, dark and stormy under the clouds as it is in real life. Ended up wondering if I would see anything at minimums (not much gas in the tanks for the missed), and then I saw the approach lights. Gassed up and headed home.

Today, hopped in the DA40NG (with tweaks for more realistic flying), went out to Langely airport for a couple of touch and gos. Later, went out to the San Juans and explored some of the strips over there. The sim is addicting!

I’m running my OnAir company today. Flew the Grand Caravan out of a tiny grass strip on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border over to Oshkosh to pick up some passengers & cargo for a 4-stop run. Did the first leg up to north Wisconsin, then ran the 2nd stop into Telluride, CO. That sunset approach into Telluride reminded me why I love this game so much. Not at the computer right now, so will try to edit this and add a screenshot tomorrow.


I took a flight to the north pole and found it to be a weird hellscape which is was amazed at… massive planes of purely flat ground… Giant holes to which there was no end… sudden yet straight cliffs… and mountains reaching up to the heavens…

it was fascinating!

(I assume this was some kinda of bug with the streaming cache as i was downloading something on steam at the time)


Check out onair it may be what your looking for!

Continuing my round Europe capitals(ish) flight by prop. Currently in Rome, next stop Malta.

Started in Iceland, then Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Wales, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, San Marino then Rome.


Tried finishing my Nevada Bushflight leg for the 4th time. Nope - still broken since the patch.


Done nothing today…except

Updated my MSFS navigraph to rev 11

Loaded LNM tried to go flying and nav was all messed up…

Than frustrated… loaded P3D and it’s database… tried flying and nav was all messed up … trying to figure out issue

Nothing here as well, I check these forums and reddit every day hoping that Asobo is releasing a hotfix for the AP and avionics bugs they introduced in the latest patch. Seems we have to wait for next month’s patch.

Still nothing, can’t play a 320
long time ago there was a patch and…

It is known that drugs and flying doesn´t …oh, wait.

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Flying the TBM (well, the AP is actually doing most of it) from New York to Orlando at 1000’, sightseeing down the East Coast. Saw Philly, Atlantic City, now heading for Norfolk, VA. Looks like clouds ahead, though. Glad to see Real Weather doing something.

I should be out on my bicycle, or doing something productive.

Hopefully got past the point in the install of repeated download retries and to a position where it will actually complete and I can try to take a simulated flight in my flight simulator rather than watch a progress bar making glacial progress across the screen on the download simulator or ‘Installation Manager’ as MS/Asobo call it.

EDIT: And the good news is that it downloaded and I can use MSFS again. Just did a quick test flight Birmingham (EGBB) to Cardiff (EGFF) and all seems to be working (in the DA62 at least).

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Continued ‘A Pilots Life’ flights for VivaAerobus: Roundtrip from Mexico City to Cancun,
than to Villahermosa
here passing Veracruz

and back to Mexico City
at the gate:

No problems with the A320 and enjoying my Goflight modules, Saitek/Logitech FIP FlightInstrumentPanel, Thrustmaster TCA Airbus sidestick…

Gets better every day with every flight!
I love it

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