What did you do in MFS today?

Departed Missoula and did a flight around the Flathead lands, Glacier National Park, with an arrival in St. Ignatius where my mother was born (grandfather worked for the Department of the Interior).

Yes, Chief Mountain is actually shaped that way - it’s not a spike.

It looked more like the spring thaw than the frozen Montana of lore at this time of year. A quick weather live-cams check proved the sim’s weather on the mark.


Did a Vatsim flight from ksfo to klax . It was busy and the A32NX mod FMC crapped out so had to hand fly the entire arrival route. Quite a workout. Can’t wait until more study level planes come!

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737 hours and not a single one of them in a 737


Orly LFPO to Turin LIMF, fantastic route, decent from 19.000 ft cloudy and mountain gradually appeared, love this game.

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Thank you for this suggestion. Using the Grravel Carbon Cub mod and USFS livery, I’ve been flying to all the tiny USFS airstrips around Lower Loon Creek in Idaho, using only Skyvector and a topo map to navigate. It’s insanely fun.

I wound up in Missoula last night and was looking for where to go next until I saw your post, so I flew north northeast to the Flathead range. Lots more tiny USFS airstrips to hit up there next. And lots of fun off field places to try to squeeze this plane into.

Wish I had a replay of getting in and out of that last one.


Landed on a rocky outcropping in the Shetland Islands after a long and icy Atlantic crossing



Glad you’re enjoying the plane and the challenging landings/tos. I never took to filming as it’s too much work for me and bad memories from FSX days. I did a landing in Diamond Head, in the standard cub, the other day while trying out some new Waikiki scenery. It was marvelous, to lazy to try to get out, so I donated it to the Hawai’i National Guard. Cheers! Oh, yeah, These FS/NP liveries are pretty cool, huh?

Originally KSGJ to KOPF, but diverted to KORL as I was running short on time. Got some great sunset pics, and a butter landing.


747-8 Capetown to Durban. This will be followed by Jo’berg and Madagascar (if I fits)

blown away by the extreme terrain and obviously important geology I decided to learn sumthin from my flight and read up on The Great Escarpment.


anyone figure how to do nice 2D screencaps while in VR?


Rainy flight from St. Ignatius to Jackson Hole, that turned to ice and made me cut my flight short and land in Gillette…

Little Bighorn Battlefield

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VR AirHauler flight in the Cessna 208 from Portland Troutdale (KTTD) to Spokane (KGEG).

Breathtaking sunrise then amazement at the incredibly believable snow cover around Mount Baker. Next flew over Yakima towards the boredom of eastern Washington.

Popped outside of the cockpit for a better view for around 20 minutes then hopped back into the cockpit to discover my engine failing due to out of fuel!

Apparently the new AirHauler patch (which was supposed to set the in-sim fuel level to match AH2) did not work. I had checked the fuel levels before takeoff and thought I had enough - I was wrong.

At 10,000 feet MSL around 50 miles shy of KGEG the engine goes out. I had Foreflight on my iPad next to me so I scrambled to find a nearby airfield to divert.

43D - Odessa was 6 miles away and with the altitude I had plenty of glide distance to make a safe - firm landing.

OMG this sim is mind-blowing.

Can’t wait to do it again…I’ll definitely be double-checking the fuel from now on.


Today was different. I made a promise not to chase updates or bugs and enjoy the magic and serenity of flight. That simple joy of flying around the UK and the beauty of our winter climate. (or would have been if live weather worked, but I digress)

There are simple pleasures in life and although this is an immense and technologically sophisticated program, there is much honest beauty to be enjoyed.

I think I ought to go and lie down somewhere dark for an hour.

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continued my Cross-Europe tour with leg 11 down Italy’s western coast line

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decided to educate myself on what I am seeing… was shocked to see a fairly naked Madagascar with lots of land clearing and ridiculously few pockets of dense vegetation, so decided to check their industry and exports which led me into several rabbit holes, including Wikipedia omitting extremely pertinent information for the context of a so-called coup, needing to dig into French media and translate it to find the dude was accused of ordering the killing of protesters, while wikipedia laments his loss and celebrates the return of a ‘businessman’ to lead to country back to ‘economic growth’.

lookign at all that land clearing… I am enjoying this morning coffee far less. So looking at the scenery wound up as yet another lesson of right wing capitalism, Wikipedia and the truth having a variable relationship, and what I thought to be one of the few remaining wild pockets of nature… is just like everywhere else unless there is a hidden area up North of the island I have yet to see.

That’s what I get for trying to learn something about what I am seeing from flight sim about the areas I am flying in

FAULT REPORT: I can now confirm, without fail, every time I exit VR and then return, my NAV PATH and magenta line vanish from the FMC. The info is still programmed, the next waypoint or ILS properly displayed but it appears to have no PTH info

Also, if you want tosme amazing terrain, it’s worth doing Capetown to Durban (poorly rendered rwy…possibly without lighting)
, but you fly over the Great Escarpment, that makes even the San Andreas look like a tiny feature

also… 2 signs you are flying too much:

  • you keep thinking you are randomly hearing flaps deploy, but it turns out the flue on the fireplace was making the same sound as the wind turned it.

  • You decide to randomly doodle and draw shapes… just let it flow, until you realise you ‘just happen’ to be drawing an artificial horizon gauge


Thought I’d stop in and see if Marie Antoinette was in.


You just missed her as the Women Marchers dragged her ■■■ and Louis’ to Paris. You can take a nap in one of the 500 BRs. Leave a tip for the staff.

Sunset at Gibralta (LXGB)


Took off from Squamish Airport (CYSE) and went looking for nearby Virgin River TV show filming locations.


I have not been there yet. I’m looking forward to how the rock presents, as it always lacked in P3D/FSX. Nice shots.