What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

3 training flights 787, then, for relaxation, SABE - SULS with the BBG58.

I always bring the 787 down, more or less elegant, but starting to think that two pilots are right/better for that job. Hope that shared cockpits are comming soon.

And screenshots in VR will be fine.


KUUU Newport RI USA to CYMX Mirabel Canada

A short hop across the border to Montreal. We were chasing a storm most of the trip until we outran the front around Lake Champlain, NY.

Mount Monadock out of the COP side:

Getting gusted pretty good by this front that covers most of Western MA, NH and upper NY. A 30 knot headwind is not helping our fuel burn rate.

Rugged mountains of New Hampshire from 7000 AGL

Finally outran the front over Lake Champlain - clear weather ahead!

Handed off to Montreal approach - Bienvenue au Canada!

On approach CYMX, splurge for a hire car and off to a late lunch!


“Attention! Passengers, if there is anyone Instrument Rated, please come to the flight deck”…


Quick flight this morning from Nehalem Bay, OR to Newport, OR following the coast line. Pretty decent weather for Oregon this time of year on the coast.

North of Lincoln City, OR


Continued my flight through South America, latest leg landing at Cabo Juan Roman (SCAS), Chile:


Latest leg of my round the world trip - Mauritius to Maputo, Mozambique right over the top of Madagascar. Perfect flight, with the sim performing beautifully for me right now - flawless.


Montreal Mirabel Intl (CYMX) to City Centre Island Toronto (CYTZ) aka Billy Bishop

Passed through an enormous front enroute, about an hour in the clag

Emerged just before intercepting the approach into ILS 08


Today’s leg from Norfolk to Cape Hatteras thankfully had no more technical difficulties. I found that Newport News had the default autogen while Norfolk had photogrammetry, which was interesting.

Then after crossing from Virginia into North Carolina, we circled around the Wright Brothers Monument before setting down at Billy Mitchell Airport in Cape Hatteras. There’s supposed to be a lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, but I didn’t see it on the way in, I’ll try looking again when I take off in the morning.


WADD → WADS in Indonesia checking out the volcanoes along the way. The scenery is spectacular. Would highly recommend for a short island hop excursion.


I flew from Charlottetown CYYG to Gaspe CYGP continuing to visit places I had visited on various cruises. CYYG was marginal and raining on the ground (using Real Weather) and almost immediately into cloud. Icing set in but the DA62 has some de-icing equipment which coped. Struggled on the climb to 11000ft but eventually cleared the cloud as I had hoped as Meteoblue suggested this would happen. Considered a diversion but pressed on. As expected when using an RNAV, ATC wanted me to stay at height long after clearing me to the HOCLE, the first waypoint on the approach. Ignoring the demands of ATC, I descended at a leisurely 500 fpm. At about 7000 feet, more cloud and icing. Nearing HOCLE I managed to get below the cloud base and I “legally” cancelled the IFR with the airport in sight. Say it myself, nice landing and a short taxi to the marshaller.


Luxemburg (ELLX) to Copenhagen (EKCH) with newly bought ELLX scenery on Simmarket, and Luxair livery downloaded from Flightsim.to

it was Monday evening, when EKCH has full atc coverage from 8pm to 22pm, so traffic was dense upon arrival, and had to do a Go-Around because someone took his time to vacate the rwy. Fun with unexpected challenge :sunglasses:


Tuesday, return from Copenhagen (EKCH) to Luxemburg (ELLX). Much quieter flight.

Posted only pics from arrival at Luxemburg, to show the extraordinary scenery of luxemburg city when landing on rwy 06. It’s created by someone called Fibrofly, on Flightsim.com.
And the airport scenery is payware from Justsim



Currently one of my favourite routes with the FBW A320 - Nice to Innsbruck and return. Nice short flight, great scenery, enjoyable approaches - visual approach to runway 8 from the east is fun

Live weather stopped the views until descending in the Alps though…


What my old instructor would wryly call “an illuminating moment in one’s aviation career.”


More 787 today ( a love and hate relationship) … short flight from FAOR (johannesburg intl) to FACT (cape town intl) , obviously at night.Very windy and too low. Not one of the best landings and nearly aborted , but all alive and more centered than my hopes at the touch.


Finally got back into my @GotGravel 's Savage Carbon that was parked in BGKK (Kulusuk Airport) in Greenland.

Filled it up and took the same amount of fuel as cargo.

The coastal route was full with low clouds and freezing temperatures. HOWEVER, I decided to go over land where the weather is great. The problem there is there are few visual reference points. It is several 100 nm over ice and nothing but ice.

Calculating for supposed wind and magnetic inclination I ended up with a heading of 301 to ensure True Heading 270. Speed should be 102 nm with the assumed winds.

Departure was cloudy and icy, but there was some clear sky above the airfield so I quickly climbed up the clouds and then proceeded WEST in sunny weather.

I flew for about an hour then landed somewhere. I have a rough estimate based on my flight time and heading of where I am. And will use that to proceed WEST until I will finally reach the sea. 400 nm should be do-able with two full tanks in the Savage Carbon.

Virtually, I’m camping on the Greenland Ice Sheets. I wouldn’t want to do that IRL.

Picture book

Cold and cloudy at Kulusuk:

Good thing the cabin heat now melts the windscreen icing:

Should I climb? Don’t want to lose sight of the ground …

Aaah, the sun! As predicted

Still a lot of clouds, hope they go away as I go in-land:

First, I had some scenery to admire:

Then it transformed:

And it got a bit dull:

Landing was hard, without much visual references. But after an hour I’ve had enough:

My calculations put me somewhere in this area:


Today again a piece of my world tour flown from Dallas to Atlanta. Next flight to DC :wink: The weather in Dallas wasn’t pretty. But you have to look at the control tower in Atlanta.


Brought a couple of hitchhikers from Canada to the States.


Today’s leg in the Bandeirante was from Cape Hatteras to Myrtle Beach. I went back to look again for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, only to find that it was practically flat. Kind of amusing though, and the gorgeous sunrise helped make up for it.

Weather was greatly variable, and at at least point I had to make a sudden dive to stay underneath the clouds.

After mostly following the coastline I had some fun following rivers and roads to get the rest of the way to Grand Strand Airport in North Myrtle Beach.