What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

Flew the BAE 146 300 from Saint Louis to Nashville with 2 more flights left until I have brought it back to Bermuda flying around the world in a regional aircraft


After having some CTD issues with the HJet and Flightbeam’s KDEN add-on, I cleared Rolling Cache and had no issues thus far.

Decided to try again and was able to fly from KDEN to Aspen, no issues.

Except that the HJet doesnt like to hold Altitude for some reason. Kept climbing and climbing. :unamused: After getting it somewhat sorted, it then stalled and lawn darted on approach 10nm from the runway. :sob:

I’m unfortunately starting to have buyer’s remorse with this thing.

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I’m in the A320 FBW from YPPH to YSSY.

It’s unbelievable how large it seems inside compared to the 737-700. It’s very obvious with VR.

Edit: and accidentally hit the Y key. It killed the autopilot totally. Nothing would work, even could invert the plane. Ended the flight. :frowning:

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Yes, the FBW A320 (or just the stock A320) just seems off in VR. I don’t know what they did with it but everything like the throttle and the seat seems way too far away in VR. It shouldn’t be bigger than the 737 inside the cockpit.

No one is forced to use default airplanes :slight_smile:
Enjoy the exquisit Fenix:
…enhanced with my cockpit upgrades :wink:

And what do I read here, the Flightsim also has the old VR scaling problem that everything is waaaaaay too small (in 99% of all VR games) or oversized?
Hm the only VR game I ever played not having everything looking wrong and off were “Robinson the Journey” and “The Inpatient”.
Does anyone know if the scaling of the Fenix Airbus looks in correct size in VR?

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Not sure I would even want to use the Fenix A320 for the default bush trips even if it was possible.

Tried to make a step deeper in immersion and made flight plan, complete with approach on the G3X Touch. Took off from LFMP, requested IFR and it worked like a charm. Landed on LEGE as planned, made it to parking.

Once parked I made another flight plan back to LFMP.

At first everything seemed to be okay, but once I got clearance to take off and left the ground the ATC menu had no options and remained silent until I landed.

So I exited to the main menu, started back in LFMP, this time creating a flight plan to Barcelona (LEBL). Luckily ATC was up and running again (stock ATC, no addons)

Arriving to Barcelona I queued up to land, followed the approach, got permission to land, then as I was just about to land, less than 100 feets above the ground I was told to go over :roll_eyes:

Took a left turn and had a nightmarish experience from then on. When requesting for a vector I was told to go to waypoints that were no way on my MPL, so I had to request a vector again and again until about half an hour later I was back in queue to land. Got permission to land, was just about to land then told again to go over :angry:

Well I didn’t.


I have that problem too with no options in the ATC window. I don’t know how to solve it.

Startng a fresh flight solved it for me

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Nile River


Dawn at Jerome Co. KJER Departing runway 27 to Elko Rgnl. KEKO.


Flew my 747 on a shorth hop from KPDX toKSEA

Leg 2 of the New England tour in the Stearman. Yesterday I flew from Boston to Albany and today I followed the Mohawk River and the NY State Thruway all the way to Lake Ontario and landed in Williamson-Sodus Airport east of Rochester. The state of New York is not really part of New England but it’s okay :wink:

I had to climb to 6 500 feet in order to comply with VFR rules because of more and more clouds.

Heavy clouds when inbound to land.

Tomorrow I plan to make it all the way to Niagara Falls.


I finally finished my circumnavigation of australia and tasmania and with that my third continent.

It ends where its starts.

All at all australia was surprisingly unspectacular. I enjoy the good implementation of photogrammetry on all affected cities, well done!

New Sealand is waiting.


First flight for me in the US today from KLAS to KSMO with the Longitude.
Because of the pictures it became a nice “Go Around” :slight_smile:


Flew Nashville Tennessee to Wilmington in the BAE 146 300 I might do a late night flight to Bermuda late tonight


Aeroflot flight from Makhachkala URML to Sochi URSS.

At destination


Did a late night flight to Bermuda in the BAE 146 300 to complete my series with it


Did a Flight from Budapest to Zurich over the Clouds this morning


Did my first VOR to VOR flight completely without GPS help. I even turned off split screen on the PFD so no map was shown.

At first I had to check all kinds of youtube videos and the G3X Touch manual on how to do things and when I was about to grasp it, then I had a crash to desktop…

So I loaded up MFS again and restarted the flight from Barcelona. On this second go everything worked perfectly.

Feels like an accomplishment :face_holding_back_tears: