What did you do in MSFS today?

I think landing might be ok, if it reflects IRL, but take off is going to be tight depending on what your payload is.

I always find it fun to try and land with such tight guidelines.

I flew the HPG H145 yesterday, I downloaded the North Sea oil rigs from flightsim.to and have been trying to find them in the helicopter so I can land on the helipads. Great fun.

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The last finishing touch of my Seneca V interior overhaul :slight_smile:

It really took some time to get these low bit-depth and bad texture compression artifacts and ugly mach-lines caused by to low colour bit out of the main instrument panel.
Added a new warmer more sepia-brown colour tone to the throttle quadrant and the main panel, now the area with the switches in the overhead panel needs to be adjusted with the same warm sepia because the switch panel does not match anymore with the brown tone of the new instrument panel. Hm and maybe the carpet should look a little less worn…

But the worst part, bringing these files damaged by ugly lowest quality texture compression with JPEG artifacts and mach-lines everywhere that was used for the instrument board (and all interior parts - what did they use 4 bit colour depth instead of 32 bit to get these kind of mach lines in all flat surfaces?) to the next level, is finally finished. :face_with_monocle: :ok_hand:

I hope the project will be finished today to upload to flightsim.to … :slight_smile:


I did two flights this morning! First, I flew from Tokyo (Haneda) to Seoul in the A320 (Asobo version). Unfortunately, I encountered a problem climbing to FL300 and then to FL360. It feels like the A320 was rather sluggish at a certain point in the climb to the final cruise altitude of FL360. I might have gotten my transition altitude wrong. Not sure. I nailed the landing no problem. I then flew VOR to VOR from Jeremiah Denton Airfield near Mobile, Alabama, to Gulfport-Biloxi International, Mississippi, in the Grumman G-44A. Short but drama-filled flight as I encountered heavy rain clouds, which made visual confirmations impossible. I flew over the airport, setting up a rather unorthodox approach, and managed to land. Good times were had by all.


Actually, last Sunday took part in the VUSA Flying Club event at KORL and recorded it.


Multiday journey across the US continues this morning with a straight in to runway 9 at Telluride.


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Found the PERFECT shade of grey for the second Seneca cockpit! And I love it.


A little bit darker with perfect throttle quadrant, almost perfect:

Time for the second Seneca cockpit overhaul.


Blue Sky Twins
Dabolim, VOGO to Mumbai, VABB
Most sedate (boring) flight ever.

Weather? Clearing…Yes I Know…hard to believe…

The Sea to the left Side…

The Mountains to the right side…

Now and than some interesting sights…

Wondering if ATC provides ‘Wake-Up’ service for sleepy Pilots :wink:

Arriving in Mumbai…

Perfect final… Frustration. Had to wait 15 minutes for a slow Airbus to land first.
Honesty…I was not happy. My approaches to Intl. Airports usually are 120-130 Knots,
my landings about 100 knots. Then I just bleed-off speed once over the Runway until 75 Knots.
The Airbus however came in so slow I thought it would fall out of the sky. So I went slow also.

At least I got a somewhat decent Parking spot on an otherwise boring Airport.

How does the Flight-Instructor say? “As long as you do not land in bits and pieces…everything is okay.”
It was a sedate flight :+1::sunglasses:


Enjoyed my first flight in the Twin Otter and had a blast! Flew to a windy Barra (though from Donegal, not Glasgow as the real route goes). Got a Logan Air livery from flightsim.to that I can use for my upcoming Barra flights and a Skybus livery for the flights to the Scillies!


Took the DA62 to Peru, Lima to Nazca. I couldn’t see the lines but I still took a couple of nice pics


I flew the virus on a trip in America. First time flying it and I crashed on the runway as I was going too fast I suppose. Only 60 knots or so though.

I like how the virus is basically a flying car. The interior just gives that impression.

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Admiring the comfort of the Seneca V interior…

Not ideal flight weather, but I had to check my now almost finished grey interior repaint, plus the engine also needs a weekly run-up just like mentioned in the POH and some oil-check. And the propeller blades needed some fresh Katana oil to look shiny and new and a propeller blade tip manicure…


Did the classic Kathmandu - Lukla route on the Twin Otter. So satisfying to finally have the right aircraft for this kind of flight. :sunglasses:


Beaver Island is one tricky airport around this time of year after hitting a squall earlier today with the Otter, I did another flight ended up on the grass runway with very high winds, I have got to visit there in person someday because that airport is really challenging when using live weather in the winter

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I flew the Supermarine Spitfire over Fulda and Wildflecken in Germany. I have some personal history with both places. Finally, I had a nice landing at Frankfurt International, including a long taxi to GA parking! Then I flew the MB-339 for fun in and around the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, I got a little cocky doing a barrel roll and crashed. However, I discovered that the landing gear had deployed, and I could get the aircraft moving again and get it back in the air! I managed a decent landing at Nellis AFB to conclude my flying activities.


Explored some waterways in Southampton UK.
The sense of scale is amazing sailing alongside those huge ships in VR.:heart_eyes:


sounds like Sumburgh airport in the Shetlands…


Took of in Zurich Kloten (LSZH) with the PC-6 and flew over the beautiful Swiss Alps:

Then near Chiasso I crossed the border to Italy, and after a very short hop I was right over the gorgeous Italian city Como.

Landed just next to Como, on the Lake Como (and yes, there is an actual “water landing strip” in real world):

You know, Lake Como, as in George Clooney or the (infamous) Star Wars romantic love scene (cough) with the eternal words “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating… and it gets everywhere.” - who wouldn’t fall in love with such a romantic guy (who later blows up entire planets - I guess he must have really hated sand) :wink:


Did some island hopping - Pretty windy day in paradise, but it was fun nonetheless.


Took a trip from Oman to Sri Lanka (OOMS-VCBI)