What did you do in MSFS today?

777-300ER Captain Sim linked to Salty Mod.


Got to Turin having flown all the way from Bristol UK in my 172. Very pretty part of the world and looking forward to exploring this area tomorrow.


Satisfaction is a sunset ride over Venice and hand flying a solid pattern to approach.


Ooh, is that the Ercoupe? Been thinking about that one for my vintage GA collection. :slight_smile:

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Can someone tell if the greenlight on the ground during sunset is possible?

A lot of contrails!


It sure is! Check out the Ercoupe thread if you want to know more before buying.

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Thanks! Even if it flies wonky it’s got such a striking look I might go for it. :wink:

Tried to tame the H145 while exploring the new Mount Cook Region scenery by NZA Simulations. Spotted my first sheep in MSFS 2020 near Glentanner (NZGT), …

headed towards Mount Cook (NZGT) …

and visited the glaciers, valleys and mountain huts around Aoraki/Mt. Cook:

Overall, a great and very enjoyable scenery. I just hope the Orbx NZ Mesh will be fixed soon.


I did a quick stop over in Zurich to London Heathrow. I love flying the Boeing 787, definitely one of my favs. I flew out from Zurich in a cloudy sunset and had a nice dusk landing at Heathrow.


Well, I couldn’t resist: The H145 was great, but I prefer my GA fixed-wings. So I made another round over the Mt. Cook region this time flying the C310R and departing from Tekapo Airport (NZTL), …

then to Glentanner (NZGT) …

making a touch-and-go …

and continuing to Mt. Cook airport (NZMC) with another touch-and-go:

The rest of my second round focused on the mountains rather than the valleys and huts, here climbing towards Mt. Sefton …

and circling around Aoraki/Mt. Cook:

Headed back and made a full stop at NZMC, but I’ll certainly come back tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


Finished my trip from Belgium to Mount Etna in the FK9.

In total 23 legs, rarely more than an hour, in total about 22 hours of flying. So, assuming 8 hours a day of flying, I could totally do this in 3 days for real. Except getting lost in the Alps is probably not something I’m include to be doing anytime soon.

Most flights were quite easy, especially Italy, with the coast as leading landmark. I thought crossing the Alps would be more challenging, but with the weather I had it went quite smoothly, with only three legs.

Finally made it to mount Etna, flew around and over it (not allowed in real life) and put it down at Catania. I heard there is a brand new Turbo Arrow III waiting for me. So I’ll be leaving the FK9 parked here for now.

All legs

Leg Dist
EBZH - EBSH 93 nm
EBSH - EDRZ 137 nm
EDRZ - EDRO 47 nm
EDRO - LFST 44 nm
LFST - LFGB 66 nm
LFGB - LSZC 77 nm
LSZC - LSPM 59 nm
LSPM - LSZL 38 nm
LSZL - LIMC 48 nm
LIMC - LIMJ 48 nm
LIMJ - LILQ 77 nm
LILQ - LIRJ 90 nm
LIRJ - GR11 65 nm
GR11 - IT-0088 55 nm
IT-0088 - RM01 55 nm
RM01 - IT-0227 97 nm
IT-0227 - LIRN 53 nm
LIRN - LIRI 61 nm
LIRI - IT-0264 63 nm
LIRI - LICK 43 nm
LICK - LICA 68 nm
LICA - LICR 71 nm
LICR - CTA 71 mi

Photo Book

Final flight, navigation is easy, just point at that giant vulcano:

Not sure this is the taxiway, oh well:

Climbing all the way to mount Etna:

Mount Etna is higher than I though, I wasn’t counting on 10000 ft, probably should do my research.

Dodgy shadow feature:

I haven’t seen the top of mount Etna lately, but with some suspended disbelief, this is what it looks like:

Some fun with a low-pass over the crater:

And down-hill to the final destination:

Was planning a forced landing, but there’s a Jet that may be in my way … didn’t hear my may-day I guess:

It’s just going now

Just in time … would be AMAZING if wake-turbulence was simulated…




Crossing the Alps set the expectations, so I was not specifically impressed or dissapointed.

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Yeah. There’s definitely room for improvement on the imagery which seem to have been taken at different times and the elevation detail. Combined with a few hand crafted buildings and gondola lift it could be a real highlight. As Europe’s most famous volcano it’s definitely worth a bit of effort.

I’ve been really enjoying touring around Italy! in awe of the well designed POIs. Starting in northern Italy (pictured Milan and Palazzo Borromeo) and then making my way down the country and will end in Malta or Sicily. Happy flying everyone! Ciao


There are certain differences between the avionics software versions of FENIX A320 and fslabs. The handling feels very Asobo style, the engine response is very slow, and the overall energy of the aircraft is too large.

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Heading out of Lukla after dropping some packages, On time!



Whats this thing called the Aurora?:

Not a bad plane … Makes a good boat too!:



Flew from Catania to Naples


The landing challenge would be easier if it started on-speed. Wallows about a lot more than the DCS Hornet…


Going to do a fly by trying to get AirBoss to spill his vodka.

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