What did you do in MSFS today?

Did my first VOR to VOR flight completely without GPS help. I even turned off split screen on the PFD so no map was shown.

At first I had to check all kinds of youtube videos and the G3X Touch manual on how to do things and when I was about to grasp it, then I had a crash to desktop…

So I loaded up MFS again and restarted the flight from Barcelona. On this second go everything worked perfectly.

Feels like an accomplishment :face_holding_back_tears:


After flying all the airliners for a while I just remembered, how much fun the Kodiak was.


Took my first flight in the TBM. It was not pretty! Eventually managed to get it working and flew from Bristol to Edinburgh. Lots to learn!

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Sault Ste Marie International Bridge, and Soo Locks. Flight CYAM-CYQK


EDDK to LSGS, about 40 minutes flight with very nice approach between the Suisse Alps.


Headed west from EKCH over the North Sea to EKVG, gave me a magnificent sunset for the entire flight.


Anyone wanna go to Bali?


nothing because I simulate it on the X box series x with every 5-10 min after joining on a payware airport, yes I payed a lot of money for airports and still get ctd every flight!! fix it Asobo!!there is no flight between two near or mid range airports possible…so sad…

Randomly picked Sochi International Airport (URSS) to fly my Mig-21. I found a great canyon run up the Myzmta River. It was too intense to take screenshots in the valley but grabbed a few on the way back.


Crossed most of Sonora from Heroica Nogales to Hermosillo in my XCub. Strong winds at the beginning, then mostly calm stretches with a few gusts until I reached my destination. Great area to take photos, especially during overcast weather. Landed in Hermosillo during a rain shower, it looked awesome!

Also started a new take on MSFS that made the game quite emotional and at times unsettling: I try to explore every location I take a shot of in-game in StreetView afterwards. Made me realize how much of an “ideal” world the sim presents to us. It can be quite sobering at times to see reality on the ground, even if its just digital photos of the locations that you can move through.


Clear your Rolling Cache. Had CTDs after buying KDEN add-on. CTD everytime.

Cleared Rolling Cache and hadn’t had a problem since.

Explored the north shore of Lake Superior. Took off from Duluth Sky Harbor and tracked the shore up until Split Rock Lighthouse. Even spotted some seagulls circling, and a few boats on the lake (thanks GAIST!)

Really enjoyed this flight!


Thanks for honoring us with the words of Ice Cube.
Truly words to remember…

When you can’t think for yourself, quote a celebrity. Always a good choice. :slight_smile:

Flight from LSGS to LFMN.
One week no work so i have some time to “fly” :slight_smile:


Reached the 300 hour mark while touring the tip of South America as I travelled down the Atlantic Coast. It’s real nice down here but could use some love.
Cape Horn doesn’t look so tough.

Reached the Diego Ramirez islands and the end of South America. I guess they figured nobody would go here. That’s not like the pictures…unless I’m lost!

Nice little grass strip. SCNY I think.

Then wasn’t paying attention and the low fuel warning sounded over the mountains. Picked the closest airport but was not familiar with the terrain so had no idea how big it even was. Some Zoot place. Minutes later the right engine low oil pressure followed by the left. Nice little warning that you are done for! Luckily I was just clearing the mountains when they went down so I started scanning for a flat spot and found a nice size runway. Zoots!


I say “good bye australia, hello new zealand!”


Flew from Edinburgh to Amsterdam then on to Copenhagen doing training flights in the TBM which I am becoming increasingly fond of. I have all the mods of course including the Carbon Fibre cockpit. It really shifts too.


Krakow-Bergen, a real route by Wizz Air.

Amazing final approach at sunset


I flew Alice Springs to Sydney with A36-001.

Then did some very slow Volocopter flying around Zell Am See which is stunning.

I think I need to find a helicopter- the Volocopter is too slow. I also have a problem that its power is reversed, I set my throttle levers for 737/A320 but reverses that for Volocopter.

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I took the PMDG 737-600 up from KATL to KBOS. Wearing a fictitious “Saul Bass” classic United livery, the lines of this short little plane remind me a lot of the classic -100s/-200s I used to ride around in a lot as a kid taking summer trips in the 70’s and early 80’s.

Approaching TOD at FL370 over lower Long Island, you can see the old Floyd Bennett Field at lower left, and KJFK pretty much directly below.

Short final into RWY 22L at KBOS - don’t let the clear air fool you. Winds were about 20 - 30 degrees of the nose from the right at 20+ knots, gusting to 28. Whew.

On the ground in Baaaaaahston. Stock KBOS is kinda meh. Might need to invest in the FlyTampa version.