What did you learn from MSFS2020?

What are somethings that you learnt from MSFS? I learned how to use the fmc, how to create a route using fmc, how to takeoff & land properly, and what all buttons in the cockpit do. So thank you MSFS for teaching me this stuff!!


I like to see how the geography and topography of an area looks from the air, and how things are connected.

Being a helicopter pilot irl (past life), I like the different perspectives from different altitudes.

I like to see the real world weather that is actually in an area.

I like to jump in a variety of types and categories of craft, take them for a spin, and keep myself sorta’ connected to my professional passion I had for 22 years, and rekindle the joy from flying like I had when i first got my PPL in high-school in 1992.