What do you do for fun or learning

I am getting tired of flying the Cessna over generic cities. What do you do for fun or learning new skills in flight simulator?

How many emergencies are you simulating for yourself? I would start pulling the mixture to idle cutoff at 500 ft after takeoff, and at 1,500 after take off and start working through the scenarios. Also plan a flight, point to point, and come up with a scenario where you have to divert. If your doing this, your doing aviation right.


Flying in IFR conditions in GA stuff like the G530 172 is pretty fun I think. Or sometimes I’ll hop in something like the Savage Cub, without any GPS of any sort, and do VFR-only navigation. Sometimes over open ocean, which makes it a bit more of an interesting challenge. Sometimes I seek out specific parts of the world with cool scenery. Or places that I want to visit and explore, check out the general lay of the land.

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Ils approach to minimums. That’s always fun. Hand fly though. You get tons of stick and rudder time that way.

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I am flying around the world, from point to point, planning my routes. I change the way I navigate and select the most interesting/challenging airports to fly in and out of. Sometimes I fly an instrument approach, using charts, to learn how that works. Other times, I fly VFR so I can fly through valleys, follow roads and rivers, etc.

Flying VFR using only a map and using landmarks like roads/towns/water features as a way of tracking my location is a fun way to fly. Switch off the GPS or moving map and just use your instruments, beacons and outside observations to navigate.

Create some interesting weather so you need to negotiate patches of bad weather en-route.

Set some windy conditions and do a route which includes some touch-and-go’s that provide cross-wind landings. Other weather challenges can be fun, like low cloud, rain and storms.

I usually have the most fun when I’m on my world expedition, using real weather and discovering new places - you never know what will happen. I’ve had a few wild rides - you should have seen me trying to land in Tobago in the caravan with a 35kt cross-wind, surrounded by storm cells! I should really get my landing gear checked!

Quite a few people use 3rd party software to simulate commercial flying, e.g. NeoFly.

Wishing you happy flying.

  • Flying as close to the Colorado River as possible down in the Grand Canyon with the standard bi-plane.

  • Practicing a lot of short flights to learn.

  • Flying places we have been during our life.

  • Finding and flying places I hear about on the news but know little to nothing about.

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Also, I have always enjoyed studying maps. This program lets me enjoy that activity from a new perspective.

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Navigating between wild airstrips using only a sectional, or a topo map, especially if the live weather is dicey. I got lost for over an hour once and it was getting dark, so I started looking for a sandbar to land on. Then I came upon a town nestled right on the T intersection of two rivers. Found it on the sectional: Riggins, ID.


Loading up PDF VFR sectionals on my tablet and flying the C152. No moving maps, GPS , etc.

You can create some “objectives”, like a tour around the world (I am doing this). I planned my scales at historical cities, so I also “take a ride” over it and try to find all that makes that city “that” city! Like pathernon in Athenas, for exemple. Sometimes, when I am bored, I do what someone said: cut the engines, turn the batteries off and try an emergency landing hehe

And if you’re really out of ideas there are add-ons like NeoFly and SkyPark that are a nice extension to the game in terms of missions/career mode that I find make it a lot more fun and interactive.

I like to try and navigate via VOR stations only. You can use Skyvector low IFR charts to try and fly some of the paths by tuning the nav radios manually. The morse code idents are in the sim, but barely audible.

But for fun, I like the modded bush cubs to do off-airport landings. What’s amazing about the real-world photo scenery is that you can spot landing areas pretty easily. Some are actual landing strips that aren’t in the database. A low flyby is never a bad idea in the sim or real life!

Tail wheel bush planes are one of MSFS’s best features. I have a lot of cool bush planes in X-Plane but they are way harder to land and control on the ground. Simmers want realism, but for most of us, it’s no fun ground looping every single landing.


Want to learn to fly the Boeing, dont know why I find it intimidating, yet have no issues with the FBW airbus or WP CJ4 (Only due to filbert tutorial)

Flying approaches I haven’t flown before; simulated non-normal procedures; learning the flows of new aircraft. Also, trying to perfect the art of landing a fighter :thinking:

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Flying instrument approaches to minimums in obscure locations.
Unfortunately MSFS haven’t implemented reliable IMC weather yet.
(overly transparent cloudbase and no RVR settings, even though this was supposed to be in the sim according to the pre-release dev-dairies.)
So I’m flying with camera down under the glareshield until minimums, to finally peek up out the windshield.

Making myself a infrared tracking device, and i am glad i did coz it brings a lot of immersion to this simulator.

Where do you get the topo maps?

Thanks for the suggestions.

SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts for a world coverage is my favorite. Also provides short information on airports.

You can find more accurate information online, but I didn’t find any worldwide database. Google “VFR map [country]”

The “sim” in its current state is not mature enough to really practise new skills or improve skills. I’m not using MSFS as such, for any serious kind of flight simulation I’m using X-plane, for screwing around I use FS2020 (which is almost never).

I’ve had a lot of fun creating bush trips using the bushtripsinjector addon and littlenavmap… both free. Gets you to really explore an area in detail and seek out some good off airfield landing spots. Check out Iceland, Scottish Highlands and the English Lake District or Snowdonia in Wales for some good areas if this is something of interest.

There are some great community events to participate in too that take you to places or get you to fly aircraft you may not have considered otherwise. You don’t have to chatter all the time on Discord but it is quite a bit of fun cruising along in a gaggle with a bunch of other lkke minded people.