What do you envision Flight Simulator to be like in let's say 3, 5 or 10 ahead years time?

A fun question for the end of the Q&A maybe.

What do you envision Flight Simulator to be like in let’s say 3, 5 or 10 ahead years time?

I’d love to hear what kind of picture Jorg, Sebastian and Martial draw in their minds.

5 years ahead in time:
PMDG Boeing 747 and PMDG Boeing 757 is released, and Raytracing is integrated. Cockpits look as awesome as never before thanks to raytracing, real illumination caused by TFTs and illuminated switches, and real reflections.

10 years ahead in time:
PMDG 747, PMDG 757/767, PMDG 777 and finally the PMDG 737 MAX are released, and PMDG can finally begin to start developing some classics: PMDG 707 717 and 727.

20 years ahead in time:
The weather radar implementation gets slightly delayed, and everyone is playing and flying everything in VR only because of new lightweight and comfortable VR headsets.

30 years ahead in time:
A holographic cockpit can be projected around beds, recliner chairs and everywhere else.

40 years ahead in time:
It is now considered impossible to add a weather radar because of DRM and closed-source reasons related to the weather engine.

50 years ahead in time:
All people can fly in electric drones. All cars have been replaced by these:

But real flight sim enthusiasts still fly virtual Cessnas and Boeings from 80 years ago.


What on earth is the vote for in this thread?

As always MSFS will drift away into the shadows after the other two or three competing sims release their modern updates and people see what it should be like. This is the way its been for as long as I can remember.

On April 1st unruly using msfs causes a real world air deasater !

Sorry ! Air desaster !

In 3 years time I can take lessons wirh an instructor sitting next to me in the cockpit. Essentially multiplay in the same aircraft.

In 5 years time the earth looks almost exactly identical to real life due to new satelite photography techniques.

In 10 years time realtime major events like motor races, parades, ground traffic etc will be streamed to the sim from live satalite cameras. Can you imagine flying through the streets of monte carlo during the grand prix.

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