What do you expect in SU6



I’m expecting silence from the devs like after su5 after more bugs are highlighted on the forums/Facebook not forgetting those who have no issues to claim all is well and its the imagination of those affected.
Let’s see what reality actually brings, who knows I may be wrong and on this occasion would love to be wrong but I dont think I will be.
The clocks ticking…

I have been communicating to the forum for more than half a year a problem that seems to be almost unsolvable since in the forum, practically nobody can help me. It is more important (for me than all the answers I have seen in this post), since I can hardly fly. This is my problem that I had never felt and suffered:

1º).-A good part of the airplanes, the engine stops at the beginning of the flight. Some of them stop as soon as I get ready to take off, others in mid-flight. I try to start with “Ctrl+E” and some of them start, but immediately stop again. I only found 2 that fly normally:

2º). "Zlin A. Savage Club and Zlin A. Shock Ultra that fly normally.

And now, something much worse (and hard to believe):

a) - I almost always fly in “ready to fly”.

b) - This MSFS Extra 330 stalls very often; I start it and it stalls again, every day, it stalls almost when I turn it on again.

c) Sometimes it appears on the runway with the engine stopped, I start it, and sometimes I start it but sometimes it doesn’t do it. It is not the only one that stalls the engine, also do it: Cessna 152; Baron G 58, Cesna Citation CJ4, King, and others that are the ones that I usually fly. These two have never stalled: Zlin Savage CUB, and Zlin Shock Ultra,

d) - This is hard to believe: after restarting the engine, it runs with non-uniform rpm; it goes in jerks (accelerates and decelerates with regular time intervals) until it stops again.

e) - and even more difficult: While in flight, with the engine rpm (and consequently, its power) failing, all the avionics on the instrument panel are turned off, all the digital displays are turned off, but the engine continues to work, albeit irregularly.

Continued engine shutdowns of any aircraft

Since July 7th of this year, the engine of most of the aircrafts continues to stall, especially the Extra 330, and even the recently acquired Eurofighter Typhoon.
The stalls occur in any circumstance: at start-up, at the beginning of the flight, when I have been flying for some time, etc.

I usually fly in “ready to fly”, so there is no possibility that the stalls are the consequence of some incorrect manipulation by me in any configuration of the flight conditions. I think it is a programming problem.
Regards: Delfin

Because Asobo was the one who changed it to begin with. They know what they did and why. All anyone is asking is for the same graphics quality we had when the sim was released.

You assume that everything is orderly. I don’t see anything in the bugs that are encountered or the updates that indicate a method to the madness.

This software feels like an old house which has had many owners and when you turn on a light switch in the basement, the garage door opens… but then gets stuck halfway…


I’m anticipating flying one more flight tonight on my fairly stable SU5 setup and then tomorrow trying to figure out what is wrong.

I’m expecting to be pleasantly surprised.


As per the SU6 fix list…

If you are having issues with other aircraft stalling on the ground at idle, I might suggest reviewing the leaning procedure for those. Particularly if starting at hi altitude airports.

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When will SU6 be released?

I’m really hoping that performance degradation over long haul flights gets fixed. I really want to do long/ultra long haul flights, but it’s not really possible with the current issues.


See this.
October 14th, 2021 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator


Any idea about the size of the update?

I do not know… we will find out tomorrow when it goes live.

A lot more bugs.


I think a LOT of unexpected heart ache can be remedied if you all would just read the patch notes. :wink:

SU6 is old news, what’s going to be in SU7! :rofl:

I expect great things! :eyes:

When do these things roll out? Its like 3pm local time on the 19th where I’m at, which is 0500 GMT afaik.

Does anybody know why the PMDG DC6 has vanished? It appears to have been removed from MSFS market place and has disappeared from my hangar (despite me having paid).

It was in the marketplace? I got mine direct and it’s still showing for me. Maybe PMDG support would be a better place to ask.

For the major things that need fixed.?
Nothing, sadly.