What do you think about using this for flaps control?

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Sure. Why not.

What is that excatly? A potentiometer?

Looks to me like a 4 position switch. Probably a contact that shorts each pair of wire terminals. If it is, then it would make a great flaps switch. Wish he would have included a little more info.

Ah ye, now I noticed the moving part on top. I’m personally just making a flaps lever with 5 steps, with a slide potentio meter. I just need to finish the box for it. Probably gonna post it here once finished if anyones interested.

Mine has 8 contacts and 5 positions. The 8 contacts are two pairs of 4 according to the pcb etching. Anyway I tested one group of 4 from the bottom. Lets call them contacts 1,2,3,4.
At position 1 : contact 4 is shorted with contact 1
At position 2 : contact 4 is shorted with contact 1 and contact 2
At position 3 : contact 4 is shorted with contact 2
At position 4 : contact 4 is shorted with contact 2 and contact 3
At position 5 : contact 4 is shorted with contact 3.

So it seems you need three digital inputs and one digital output . Connect contacts 1-3 to digital input pins and contact 4 to digital output pin ( make sure pinMode is input on the three pins).
If you send a HIGH out of the digital output connected to 4, check to see what digital inputs detect HIGH and the combination should yield the position of the lever. I think it will be a good flaps control.

My device might be different than other devices though. Best to verify with a ohmmeter.