What does mean an exclamation point next to a POI or Airport in the world map ingame?

It popped in for the first time today after the upgrade???

I am not sure to understand, the person who ‘kindly’ answered my simple question said that it meant NEW DINGUS… never heard of that airport… Thanks anyways…

Perhaps KNDG :wink:

lololo it means new. if you go to it itll go away. i called you a dingus :wink: not really in insult just alot of these questions are funny to alot of people

I wondered myself. All of Japan is doing that for me.

As said above, exclamation indicates it’s new and not visited yet.

Seems to me an exclamation point usually implies there is a problem. An asterisk would have been better to indicate new.


There is a ‘Legend’ button at the bottom (L key), that helped me by displaying an explanation of all symbols.