What does RNAV mean? I tried using the search feature but it wouldn't load when I clicked on the link!

Hi there, I did a search and found an RNAV question but it wouldn’t load so that I can see what it means. Is anyone having trouble with the search feature? Anyway , What does RNAV mean of stand for? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

navigation that allows an aircraft to choose any course within a network of navigation beacons, rather than navigate directly to and from the beacons. This can conserve flight distance, reduce congestion, and allow flights into airports without beacons. Area navigation used to be called “random navigation”, hence the acronym RNAV. Flying within the beacons area of coverage


this dude is very good RNAV/GPS vs RNP | REAL Airbus PILOT | What is the difference? How to fly RNAV approaches - YouTube


Typically now the implementation is used for IFR flight. It replaces old route structures referenced by VORs. Now using GPS, RNAV enables precise routing through complex airspace, especially the arrival and departure routes into the busiest CLASS B airports.

But, it’s also a wonderful enhancement to navigational capabilities at smaller local airports not previously served by a precision approach or arrival and departures - STAR and SID which are also RNAV.

RNAV means “area navigation”. The “R” is not from radio nor radar, its from the “ar” in “area”.
RNAV comprises several aids for navigation but generally speaking it means you can navigate by GPS.


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