What does the Estimated Enroute Time Reflect?

I’ve searched the forum and online and can’t find an answer to this one. When I plan a trip, for example from KBUR to KIDA using ILS, MSFS gives me an estimated enroute time of 01:38 (or at least that’s what I think it’s telling me, which is the problem).

I’ve done the flight a few times with the Longitude and it generally takes about two and a half hours, according to the onboard timer. I planned the flight in Little Nav Map and its estimate shows 2:37 which makes sense. enroute

What is the 01:38 ?


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It is the estimated trip time but it depends on:

  1. Your cruise speed
  2. Your cruise altitude
  3. Wind direction and speed at the aircrafts position during the trip
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OK, that makes sense. I could see where it would be impossible to determine those values at the time the flight plan is created. Thanks.