What ever happened to the special MSFS liveries

Back around launch time, we were told that early birds would be able to download special MSFS liveries. I have yet to see those available. Did they ever get released?

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If they trying to emulate Epic Games, probably towards the end of next year :smiley:

After they have monetized liveries as silver,gold and platinum levels that will appeal to kids that will beg their parent to pay $20 for one :smiley:

Yeah, that’s just absurd. Nobody is going to pay microtransactions for liveries when they are readily available as freeware. Microsoft won’t be looking to monetize them.

Last update we got regarding this:

This is how I took the news:

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I was being sarcastic :smiley: I will uninstall if it becomes that way.

I think you’re safe.

I believe they are waiting because they are waiting for all the various airlines to give them permission to use each airlines’ artwork.

Believe it or not, despite the size of Microsoft as a company, supporting the needs of flight simulator software isn’t high on the airlines’ lists of important issues (although, in fact, given MSFS has sold well over a million copies (2 or 3 by now?), I’d say there is some marketing they could be taking advantage of at basically no cost).

So, a year out may not be all that unrealistic, sadly.

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That’s great information, but it was the "aviators club’ liveries that they had announced would be available for free download but then somehow never made it, that I was talking about.

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