What General aviation plane is most beginner friendly and also had easy to use autopilot?

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The stock C172 with the G1000 suite would be good. You can learn the functions by checking out the hundreds of videos on YouTube. The C172 in the sim has very docile flight dynamics, and from my one time flying one, it seems pretty close to real.


one of my favorite aircraft to fly is the c152 - no autopilot though.

the c172 has autopilot.

Yup. Cessna 172 is your ticket for that. Easy to fly all around. Simple systems. And once you learn the G1000, figuring out how to use the other Garmin units is easy.

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I prefer Cessna 208. It has avionics similar to Cessna 172, but larger buttons and knobs at the center top of instrument panel to control autopilot. Aircraft is also more powerful and capable (including de-icing equipment) and still easy to control despite larger size. Give it a try

But for the most basic aircraft, XCub is lots of fun, if you don’t mind taildraggers

Unfortunately, standard edition doesn’t have my favorite PA-28 I used to fly a lot in Flight Sim World. It didn’t have GPS but was equipped with autopilot that could hold altitude and heading which was sufficient for VOR/DME navigation

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Taildraggers are definitely an acquired taste, a taste I for one have never managed to acquire. Might be best for beginners to forget about them till they’ve got basic skills.

I’d go along with the 172/G1000.

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