What good will another 8gb of ram do me?

Ok I’m perfectly happy with my HP pavilion gaming laptop with a 9th gen I5 and gtx 1650 video card. I’m only running it at mid high settings at 1080p and generally it runs pretty smoothly with just occasion stutter here or there mainly during landings and this seems to be caused by loading trees at the last minute. I’m an airliner high altitude flyer so I don’t need super high res at low altitudes. Flew SF to LAX today in sunny weather and the view was amazing. My laptop only has 8gb ram but has room for another 8. What is that gonna get me? Will it make the trees load faster? Will it make start up time faster because those are really my only complaints. Is it worth it to spend the money?

At launch, the sim comfortably ran within 16GB but greater than 8GB of RAM (most assessments pointed to around 12GB).

There are on-going threads now that recommend 32GB of RAM and some strategies around Paging Files.

In short, another 8GB wouldn’t hurt. Beyond that, you’ll have to stop, assess how the additional RAM is working for you and read through the posts to see if you want to go beyond.

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Go for it, ~16 GB is idea for gaming these days.
Upgrading your laptop drive to an SSD will improve bootup and loading times.

Everyone can speculate on what will be improved but its best to simply share your findings.

Open task manager while playing and select the performance tab. Then click on resource monitor at the bottom. This will open a detailed breakdown of how your system is performing with FS2020.

For example, my system atm

Hard faults / sec is the value to keep an eye on which indicates page file use. Currently the game has 19GB allocated and is using my page file (I have 16GB ram). The working set is only 6.6 GB (active memory) which is what’s reported by task manager. However the total amount (Commit) is what triggers the use of the page file. (Best to have that on a SSD)

If hard faults / sec gets too high, the game crashes. Here I was wondering what was going on, frame rate tanking and it turned out to be a memory leak

Hard faults / sec over 100, 36GB allocated, time to restart the game (was back down to 18 after restart)

TLDR yes, 16GB will make a difference. Less pagefile use means less stutters.


It has a SSD drive. It’s a decent laptop for the price I paid $449 on BF. I bought a 24 inch monitor with included speaker and a backlit keyboard and that works really well when I want a fuller experience.