What graphic setting causes the micro stutters?

While flying in a y aircraft and I look out the window at the ground I can still see micro stutters…what graphic setting causes that…if i set the overall to low or mid it goes away…im running a 32gb ram,rtx 3080ti and 10900k…any suggestions?

The greatest effect on performance by far is the Render Scaling option. I run my sim at 4K with the Render Scaling set to 50. Setting the Render Scaling to 100 or above will cause stutter problems on virtually every computer and every graphics card. My own system is years behind yours, but I no longer see stutters because I keep the Render Scaling appropriately tuned.


Perfect thats what ill try asap…ill let you know how it goes


It depends on what you’re limited by. With a 3080 Ti I seriously doubt you are GPU limited unless you’re at 4K and have render scale set to more than 100. Especially to the point of stuttering – stutters are rarely caused by GPU issues in my experience. Most commonly they’re I/O related, i.e. storage, but can also be CPU.


2tb sabrent rocket 4.0 nvme

The answer to your question:

It is the multiplayer - then the live traffic - then live weather - and other AI like NPCs, airport vehicles, boats, road traffic, fauna.

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