What happen to my Photogrammety?

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My photogrammetry is active but is not working, don’t show any changes, is like if I were on offline mode
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Activate photogrammetry, and not showing

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RTX 2060, I510400, 16 gb of Ram

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Since Tuesday

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So, I have an issue and is that my photogrammetry is not working, and I don´t know what to do, can anyone help me please?

Some screenshots:

I think you’re talking about bing maps / ortho photos. Doubt that area will have photogrammetry. That specific area might not have bing data and is replaced by custom textures/autogen.

You could also try cycle the data off and back on again to see if it clicks it back on.

If I just realized that it does not have photogrammetry but the problem is that for example, I am going to an introductory flight, specifically Mount Everest, on the loading screen if it seems that it has photogrammetry and it does not load me, they appear to be the default textures.

Photogrammetry applies to cities only (at least at the moment). For example New York, London or Paris. Try flying over those cities with photogrammetry turned off and then on - if there is no change there, then you do have a problem. You will 100% see the difference if it is working.

Even your screenshot above doesn’t look too much like default offline textures. Not sure where that is, but doesn’t look bad to me particularly. I;m not sure what you are expecting to see there

This is normal? They look to blurry…

I mean you’ve not picked the best view of PG here, but that looks like PG to me

Photogrammetry can vary so much it is difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. To test that my internet isn’t playing up I always use Strasbourg as a reference (after clearing my rolling cache) because usually it has great PG. Slow HDD at high LOD settings can also degrade scenery.

Looks awful. I had issues all weekend long. Hope they can address those who keep having issues with Bing and photogrammetry loading in. Been happening ever since SU5 and XBox launch.

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Blurry possibly because you are not using your monitor’s native resolution

Rn, I am reinstalling msfs to a ssd to see what happens…

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Enjoy the upgrade :smiley:

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