What happened I'm into rotorcraft?!

I’ve been through FSX, DCS, heck ARMA and somehow avoided (looked down on?) copters. But I watched a few videos on the High Performance Group’s H135 mod. So I gave it a try, and got hooked. How they are not on Asobo/Microsoft’s payroll yet I don’t understand. Simply amazing! Asobo really shot themselves in the foot not having copters early on with this amazing scenery. The flight sim community has always been awesome with addon’s and it’s great to see it living on with MSFS. No real point to my post, but if you haven’t given it a try you should. Now if I could just hover in advanced mode…


I suggest you visit ** Rotor Sim Pilot - YouTube**

He has good tutorials on rotary-wing basics.

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While I am really glad that good helicopters are arriving in the new sim, I don’t think that Asobo shot themselves in the foot for postponing the direct development of rotorcraft. I read some statistics about X-Plane, that has a quite active heli community, and it seems that only 4% of users actually flight them. So probably MS/Asobo made some marketing research, and then decided the main priorities with some reasons.

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I’m Matthias (mnpostema) and the sound pack developer for the H135:

Also my files are used with the main H135 package.

Thank you for your nice words about us and the H135 itself :relieved:

Happy landings and stay safe mate!




Next you should take https://flyinside-helis.com/ if real flight model interest you. I find it much better than H135.

Then I could highly recommend DCS: Huey when you want to do missions which demands more skills. Graphics in sometimes even better than in MSFS (like stormy sea) but usually not. DCS have frequent sales when Huey is -50%.

Yeah, I may need to revisit copters in DCS. Big fan of the F18, A10, and MIG21 but skipped copters. Might have been a mistake…

Anyway, hats off to @MNPOSTEMA4699 and everyone on the H135 team. You guys are killing it! Is there a donation site?


Yes i also love the Bell 47, its nice to have a vertical oldtimer :wink: they also did an amazing job.

Ps about our H135, as a real life H135 crewmember i can tell you our “Advanced” flightmodel is very realistic. Did you set the flightmodel to “Advanced” mode with the flightmodel button on the “tablet” in the H135 cockpit?

If not, try it and you will notice a huge difference :relieved::+1:

Ps if you really would like to give me a donation, you can buy me a coffee here :wink:

And of course for the entire team you can donate at the H135 page itself at flightsim.to.

Greetings and stay safe!

Matthias (mnpostema)

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Hello @FlippinFlow and readers,

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Yes I flew with advanced. It didn’t feel quite right but I have not experieced about modern helis. Do it have some automated systems which stabilaze hovering and helps in landings?

It is very good looking and tablet is great.


Yes that is correct, like airplanes also modern helicopters have much more improved flight systems. But don’t make a “mistake”…… helicopters are much harder to fly then airplanes in most cases. That’s the reason that if you want to learn to fly helicopters you first need to get your fixed wing PPL and / or CPL before you can get your PPL-H and / or CPL-H. Also militairy pilots first train on fixed wing aircraft before even thinking of flying helicopters :relieved:

I went right to advanced! Figured I’m not paying the insurance. And oh boy has there been some damage! :grinning:


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