What happened to LA

LA has completely changed, and not for the better.
There are a lot less tall buildings and only one heliport when there used to dozens.
I have made no setting changes so don’t know what happened.
Am I the only one?

Hi @whitedog5128
Could you define “a lot less tall buildings”? Better/Worse/same as this screenshot?

Mine used to look like that several days ago.
I don’t know how take a screenshot yet to demonstrate but yes half of the sky rises are missing as is the stadium and all the helipads except the US Bank building.
And I haven’t changed any settings.
Also can’t change weather to real time and market place is not accessible.


Go to “General Option > Data”, and check if everything is ON in Data Connection


WOW, yup, that was it! Don’t know how that got changed, pretty sure it wasn’t me.
Thank you ever so much!!

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Happens often with updates.

Lots of helipads to practice on.

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