What happened to my post? Issue is still there

Made a post about the sim crashing in one area constanlty, and its been removed! Some after sales back up there then…

Maybe because it’s merged to a duplicated topic?

Check your notifications - Mod Team sends a notice when they move a post into a larger thread for proper placement.

@TheDaMnEd147 If you check out https://forums.flightsimulator.com/u/TheDaMnEd147/activity then you can see a list of all your posts.

I see you made a post that is still in the correct forum here: CTD is back again in 1 location since WU3

It seems to fit the description of the post you describe.

This particular thread, however, has nothing to do with bugs and issues for ATC or NAVAIDS and hence I am closing the thread.

Feel free to send a private message to @moderators if you suspect a post has been moved and or deleted without receiving a notification.