What happened to Real Time in MSFS after SU11?

Seen this a couple of times now, how the time in MSFS all of a sudden is completely wrong. Even when the real time option is checked. See below for an example

Not 100% certain but if you have the multiplayer option enabled, the program may be preventing this happening.

Yup! Just had this happen this morning out of nowhere…I’m pretty sure it’s a bug that happens occasionally. I have had this on a few rare occasions before SU11. Dont know what causes it though

Yup, sunset at noon… wrong time

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The date seems wrong as well now. It always seems to be set to tomorrow.

Interesting how these weird kind of bugs always somehow manage to find their way into this simulator.

Personally, I’ve never seen this before SU11. No big deal since switching to manual time and back to real time fixes the issue. Just a bit annoying whenever it happens.

Did this bug affect any of your log book entries at all?

Never use it so wouldn’t know


same to me, I have set date of yesterday from sim, today is 17.11.2022 and sim sets 16.11.2022. What is more strange what I discovered, no lights on airports and taxiways. Some airports have runway lights on some not, same with taxiways.

At a guess you should check that your PC is set up to the correct time and region.

Have a closer look at the screenshot in my first post.

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Same here, the correct time is set when you choose a parking spot in the world map.

Not that cfg bug at my side of course :wink:

but today is all ok heh after test. Now I see Topic screenshot and this is little bit different to my situation, understand.

Yep, haven’t seen the issue again in a couple of flights. Seems to be an intermittent issue.