What happened to the clouds?

When MSFS came out, one of the most impressive things were the amazing and realistic looking clouds.

For some reason, the clouds kinda look like straight out of a comic book for me right now, even on Ultra setting…


Can we see a screen shot.
I think my clouds look fantastic

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You posted pictures from pancake mode in VR category…
Not exactly the same thing…
Cloud look awful in VR since SU5.


Busy night in Phoenix tonight

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Yes the clouds have been degraded massively, Ultra setting is exactly the same as Medium in previous versions (for VR not what the poster above is showing)


Asobo hired an exec from Comcast. He had this great idea that, instead of hiring coders to rewrite the graphic-engine, they could just redefine the meaning of Ultra. FPS gains for everyone and lot of money saved. It’s a win/win situation.

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I’m seeing the same thing in VR mode, clouds look much worse than before


Clouds look horrid…My REX Skyforce 3D clouds in FSX actually look better in VR’s stereoscopic 3D than MSFS

I also saw that the clouds (in Ultra) look not as good in VR than in Pancake mode. But i saw that also before SU5 and thought, OK in VR it is less good. (just have my Graphics card since 3 weeks).
Would be awesome to have the better clouds also in VR!!!

:joy: :rofl: :joy: true story

On almost all screenshots you can see a green / magenta color in the clouds. You can see it particularly well on picture 7. Looks worse and wasn’t like that before the sus 5 update.

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It’s quite possible that what (or at least part of what) you are noticing is this:

Dear Mr Comcast would it be possible to get the clouds back pls ?

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