What happened to the scoreboard update?

What happened to the scoreboard update? It doesn’t work properly. It’s frustrating.

doesnt seem to update. maybe linked to the outage of the forum/ live weather/ etc since yesterday?

Mine are broken also. Havent updated in days. When I complete a landing challenge it logs it exactly 7 hours ahead of my local time. Not sure if the servers see this as an error so its not updating but this is getting frustrating.

Some of the landing challenges have this problem. Llanada Grande is one the ones that has a bug. I scored 1.45M but it did not update. JFK is also problematic. I score almost 1M, but didn’t record the score. it showed zero. If “Your Position” keeps flashing, it means it’s not able to update your score.
Hopefully, there’ll be a fix soon.

Yes the KERAMA Japan landing challenge does not update the scores either.
I hope they will fix this soon.