What happened with QualityWings 787 for MSFS?

According to their facebook, on the 25th of octobre 2020 they said they were aiming for a release on Q2 2021, but june just ended and we have had no news.

Has anyone found any information about why and until when it has been delayed?

I am really looking forward to their release :slight_smile:



Was about to post a similar thing! I guess we just have to wait, as they haven’t updated us for a while. With the last progress they did show, I’d guess we’re getting closer each day to some release date. Apparently QW release things with very little announcement or hype.

Happy Flying! :airplane:

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I see! I just wish we had a confirmation of a delay or a time frame so I can plan in advance a week of holidays hahaha
From what we saw the project looked like it was quite advanced, so I expected it to release on time, but apparently we are going to have to wait more.

Exactly :sweat_smile:! I also expected it to release on time but like we’ve seen they’ve shown otherwise. My predicted release date would be somewhere in September and that may even be a tad optimistic lol, considering the depth of realism that QW aim for in their 787 Ultimate products. In the meantime I’m going to have to find some satisfaction in the Heavy Division mod for the 787-10.

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I don’t understand why they have to be dead silent, it’s Q3 now, nothing. Why can’t they just give an update? It’s starting to annoy me.


QW as well as PMDG go into “radio silence” mode as projects near completion. QW is also like many other developers that don’t follow their own development timelines. I imagine they are waiting till the next simupdate/Xbox release.


I understand what @Emerald0771346 says, but I as well would like a bit more transparency, it would take them 2 minutes to go to facebook and post “hey guys, just a small delay, we hope to release hopefully around X time, see ya!”


So true though!

Yeah …. Hoping for some news also

Gee, I’m not sure I’d agree PMDG go into ‘radio silence’ prior to release. They published a number of very informative tutorials for the DC6 in the weeks leading up to its release and a video which announced the actual release date a week or two beforehand.


Yeah, I also don’t agree with the comparison with PMDG.

I would somewhat understand this kind of silence if QualityWings genuinely had no idea of when they’d be able to launch.

But even in that case, a simple “unfortunately, we ran into unforeseen blockers that slowed down development, and for now we’re not able to provide a specific release window. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.” would go a long way.


But if you look at the forum posts on PMDG, the last post they made before they announced the DC-6 line in late May/early June was April1st. They were “radio silent” till they were ready to announce something.

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I’m sorry, but there’s a large difference between giving infomation and then waiting for 2 months until you have new information, and not providing any update at all about a release window for 8 months, even when that release window is close to expiring or has expired.

Well I’m not losing sleep over a missed QW “deadline”. When QW released the 787 for FSX/P3D they were over a year late from the initial estimate. It will be released when it’s ready.

Speaking of vapourware, anyone ask Level-D when the 757 for FSX is being released?

Oh, I’m certainly not losing sleep either. But there’s a big difference between losing sleep and simply thinking that an update is warranted, and likely was warranted a while ago.

Then when you add to the lack of relevant info frankly clusmy attempts at irony like the following, it’s at least worth a frown.

“Josh…I actually wanna thank you. You won me a beer. We had a bet amongst the team how quickly someone would ask for MSFS! Cheers buddy.”

" For sure. Update: Its still in work. 😉"

People ask for updates because they wanna give you their money. This kind of “haha joke’s on you” attitude is a bit weird.


Well if there is one thing that is true in software development: Developers are not great communicators. They can’t be bothered with the public asking a thousand questions such as: Does it have wing flex? or does that spinny thing in front of the engine actually turns, or when you release a screenshot and someone chimes back and says the first row of bolts are not the Phillips#2 screws.

No wonder they stay quiet

Well, if one can’t be bothered to answer the questions related to a product they sell from those who purchase said product (and basocally pay their salaries), then perhaps they should hire someone for that, or change line of business. PR most definitely is part of selling a product.

Questions about the simulative precision of a product that boasts quality in the simulation field are entirely warranted.

I don’t know about others, but if people who basically contribute to paying my salary ask me pertinent questions about the product I offer (which for me is written articles and media), I don’t consider that a bother.

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Also, they replied to questions in their own forums and gave estimates that people were sharing around.
A simple “we are aiming to launch in 2021” would be enough from QW


I’d definitely like to see the QW 787, but in the meantime, the dev branch of the heavy division mod with the WT flight planner is getting quite good and is very flyable.

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Agreed. It’s not hard to communicate. Every other airline creator has communicated almost each quarter. Seems a bit odd and I’m hoping I’m wrong, but not sure it’ll ever come out this year.