What happens if I cancel my subscription with xbox ultra?

Hi I got the sim at MS but I got a subscription at xbox ultra or something like that where I pay about $14.00 month. Do I need that? Now that I have the sim. Sorry for a stupid question just curious.Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you’re getting games via a subscription service then cancel the sub, you lose all the games that you had access too. That includes MSFS.

Hi there,
I didn’t get msfs from xbox I got it from the MS site.So it’s ok to cancel my subscription? I just don’t want to mess things up.

Yes, you can cancel.
What @Crunchmeister71 was saying is that if you bought any upgrades or content while holding the Game Pass, you will lose those.

But if you bought everything from the Store, then yes, you can cancel the Pass.


Thanks guys for the help.

I slightly misunderstood your original post that you had outright bought the game as well as having the sub service. You should be fine to cancel.