What happens to us Alpha, Beta testers?

:rofl: what a surprise it is!

What were you expecting?

I wasn’t expecting to be slated by the public for not getting all the bugs sorted! That’s a nasty surprise.


not sure what ‘slated’ means, but I’m assuming you feel like the community is blaming you?

Maybe they/we should, or maybe we shouldn’t? Dunno. You know how beta testers are…most just want early access. They don’t want to put in the time to truly test tiny segments of the software because, frankly, true beta testing is boring.

So I think some blame is justified, and some understanding is warranted. It’s just impossible to separate the two.

People blame alpha testers for the same reason they want Asobo devs to post in the forum: They want to toss the blame directly at anyone they choose.

They ignore the fact that software as complex as this will have conflicts of all sorts with various hardware, drivers, etc. until all the kinks get ironed out.
They ignore the fact that many people with issues have systems that barely run the sim, abysmal internet connections, and/or running mods and tweaks that cause more problems than they fix.

Blaming alpha testers is not justified. It’s been shown in numerous posts and tweets across the web exactly why they hate us. They weren’t invited into the program, so they include us in their blame game.


yep…everybody was all praise of FS…I love flightsim dont get me wrong…But MS dropped the ball on this one

I believe us beta testers were just hype and advertising for MSFS 2020. A lot of people got really excited with the whole thing. Was very smart for Microsoft to do this in my opinion…

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If this buggy arcade game is what customers got after alpha and beta, then I assume it’s not going to make any difference again in the future.

Blaming alpha and beta testers is like blaming the test subjects in a medical study or trial. Or blaming the people in a focus group. All they are doing is giving feedback. They have no control over what happens with that feedback.

Same thing happens with consultants on movies and tv shows. They can tell the producers and directors what is realistic but that doesn’t mean anyone is actually going to listen to them.

Now are the testers thought don’t put in effort to report things or test specific things? I am sure there are. I am sure some just wanted the game. I would suspect even those people are contributing in some way though. I would imagine there is some sort of trackin or reporting software built in the program that collects data and sends it back to the company. Most programs have it now.

I am sorry if you feel like people are blaming you as a tester for issues with the sim. That is out of line and uncalled for. I have seen many alpha and beta testers that are very upset that things they reported on were not fixed or addressed. Heck from what I can see the pre release version was better than the final release. Not sure what happened there lol.


No. All testers can do is report, we can’t fix. :frowning_face:


Im not necessarily blaming testers, Im saying they did not help at all: either MS doesn’t care, or they were not knowledgeable enough, or MS cares and knows about the issues but is incompetent.

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You aren’t qualified to make such a statement. You don’t know what all was tested since the first alpha.


Testers did their best, and they reported all bugs, trust me. Whether those issues were addressed that was beyond their control.


You don’t know what you’re talking about, but slinging accusations around pretty freely. Maybe knock it off. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Are you sure? I mean I am an airline pilot, cfi, customer, enthusiast, enrolled on both alpha and beta… but if you say so. Sorry to say but whatever was done during alpha/beta was irrelevant, since the product is still clearly in those stages.

That may very well be the case, and the reason why I am saying it is pointless.

That will arrive after the surprised they said they had for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everybody on the forum seems to be an airline pilot, cfi, blah-blah-blah. Then they say things that are just silly, like that the testing was irrelevant. If you really were a tester, then you’d know better. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Hi everyone.

Microsoft is yet to announce future plans for community testing, if and when they make an announcement it will likely be posted in #community:news-and-announcements, and on the offical website.

The purpose of the #self-service:wishlist subcategory is to request game features or suggest feature improvements, this thread does not seem to address either of these points. Furthermore Alpha and Beta testers are still under a strict NDA which prevents us from discussing pre-release builds (NDA Info). Because of this, I don’t see a reason to keep this topic open.

Thread Lockd.