What has Asobo done so far for sim cockpit builders?

So would people that have larger displays also affect the server load the downloading and decompression? People that play in 4k as opposed to playing in 1080p?

Absolutely. As far as I know 1080 is also used on XBox, to render on 4K. 1080 is “main stream”… but it won’t be sufficient for multi monitor. You’d need more than 1080.

This is a good point.

With regards Xbox multi monitor though. The hardware does not support it. There is only one HDMI out so xbox will not support more than 1 monitor.

Using pop out windows drops your FPS to 30. Zendesk has it as a recognised bug. Air manager is the best option for adding windows for now. There is nothing in Air manager that compares with some of the Garmin displays in the plane cockpits. It is something I hope Asobo finds a fix for sooner rather than later.

For those thinking of using Ipad for extra displays, look at spacedesk. It is silky smooth with network connecting. There is a tiny bit of latency, this is irrelevent in MSFS. If you wired there is no latency at all. Another option is duet display. Duet works ok when wired. The Networking option requires a subscription.

There are special HDMI splitters for extended… dunno about AMD compatibility, though… and you do need 200% render scaling and a wider camera. XBox MSFS should set that automatically… there is no control for it. But these devices can widen your hardware screen, if the GPU supports it,

The HDMi standard does not support MST.
The Xbox would need a DP output (and driver/software support to configure) in order to have multiple canvas multi screen with any meaningful control.

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I can’t find a solution for XBox-X online, guess you’re right… It’s “no” everywhere on the support sites.

Not on my system with the new slider at full.

Oh noes 2FPS lost!

Only if the clouds are the same in all directions. I can’t say as I’ve seen that happen in real life. :slight_smile: I get over 75 FPS with XP11 on 3 monitors. I’m confident (after watching the Expo) XP12 will take care of any “clouds” issue. :wink:

If XP12 solves issues for you, use XP12. I can’t tell, I don’t run XP12. Again: you can’t compare frame rates… XP12 is a lot cheaper than MSFS, because MSFS loads scenery from a server (rest my case, I’m not going to discuss XP)

Before you guild MSFS and apply it’s laurel wreath for it’s grand scenery this was a mod for FSX and Google over a decade ago.


… apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have Asobo ever done for us?


:crazy_face:the romans were much more busy than asobo

Imagine MSFS with all the options and functionality of P3D or even the old FSX.

What we have is a trade off of functionality for eye candy which makes me think the real market was always Xbox and gaming the longer this drags on.

Clearly all these world updates are to drag in a big X Box user base as I think many of us serious simmers want functionality as we can always buy the add ons to get the world we want.

At this point what we have is a whole world and not much else for the serious simpit builder or serious simmer.

we the rusted on and faithful simmers were never the target audience we were just a stepping stone to that market to help MS and Asobo along the way" methinks" .


I did it my way and did not ask what is not working-I ask-what works :wink:.

My solution that works for me. All Panels are from playstore.


And i also did it my way, but the question was, what did asobo to make it work. The Plane is by Flybywire, the connectivity is by Axis and ohs. All screens are still compromises


I think here is to say, new costumers comes first.
There is more prior to the new X-Box User as to the faithful hardcoresimmers.

Thats what Asobo/MS did.


thankfully the new Thrustmaster Stick and Throttlequadrant has an xbox button on it😵‍💫

At a minimum I’d like to see multiple monitor support and the automatic popout of the displays to the appropriate hardware so you don’t have to manually do it. There is a new app that kind of does this for you after you pull them out of the panel that works well. XP with the RSG hardware does this part which works for me and my setup really well, so would like to see something similar from MS

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If Asobo took time to support the 0.1% of users who build home cockpits when there are so many fundamental functional things about the sim still to be addressed, people would be screaming about that.

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