What improvements (if any) will you make to flying with the Xbox controller?

Lots of people use the controller and would be interested. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I still believe the controller needs refinement, perhaps it’s too twitchy or other times it doesn’t play nicely with the trim and whilst the in-sim sensitivity settings will help, it falls short of being the solution. Furthermore, there have been several reports of 3rd Party content not playing nicely so that also needs more focus. For example, the Bleriot Omega by Wing42 is unusable when using a controller, with issues with the throttle. I’d like to see a few more options too such as ‘step change throttle’, rather than 0-100% like we have etc - as there have been issues reported with aircraft pitch and throttle (continuous near vertical attitude when applying power, which might be a controller bug).

It needs someone in the Asobo team to use a controller across all aircraft and then sit down and ask ‘how can we make this better etc’. There’s definitely room for improvement. Some feedback would be good.

Hi @DestroyedBeauty,
If you could list some things that need improvements, that would be helpful! :slight_smile:

I think it works well already.