What in this update broke the fps?

Same. I flew from St. Louis to Springfield, IL with the AI and multiplayer traffic off, and hit some noticeable stuttering a couple times on the 30 minute flight. It was only slightly annoying and still playable, but I hadn’t experienced this before, and I have pretty much the fastest possible setup: 5900x tuned in the BIOS for Flight Sim, a 3090 with a slight overclock, and 64gb of 3600 RAM.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot, and report back.

Try deleting your User.opt and let the sim build a new one.

Oof that frame tearing tho. I think I’ll take the occasional stutters.

if you scan through the forum, you will find that this is not something new. After World update 3 many were reporting the same issue. for the first time since release, I was affect by this after that update. I tried all the “rinse and repeat” responses you get and nothing worked. took time out and performed a fresh windows install and redownloaded the sim. Might have been a bit extreme, but all trouble shooting wasn’t working so why not. what I remember about that update, I was caught in a loop while download one of the patches. could it been a corrupt download? who knows. this update went smooth and I haven’t experienced any problems so far. I keep my fingers crossed every time I fire up the sim.
It’s starting to become the norm to fear these “updates”. hope all get it sorted out


go dawgs…

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I’ve been getting 195fps in my “Installation Manager” window for the last 8 1/2 hours.
I’m just over halfway.
Glass. Smooth.


And that will add something worse, screen flickering, the only option for me to completely get rid of the flickering is to use V-sync in game, set V-Sync to fast in NVCP make it better, but not 100%.


I see no difference in graphics quality or FPS count except a few nice liveries. The clouds on the other hand seem to be a little bit more blurry on the edges (but not bad looking - just different looking).

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Exactly. This issue existed before the patch. There were forum posts about it. I’ve had it a couple of times too.

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I tried pattern work around LAX yesterday- complete stutter fest. Spent most of the night playing with settings, changing drivers, etc…complete stutter fest.


I run the the sim with the task manager open at all times. It fixes a big performance bug that puts 2 out of my 6 cores at 100%. This issue started since the World Update 3.


En fait ce programme a toujours eu des problèmes depuis le début. Cela fait plus de 8 mois qu’il a été mis sur le marché et ça ne marche toujours pas correctement. A chaque mise a jour il y a des problemes.
De plus chaque mise a jour consomme des Go de nos disques dur, bientot on sera obligé d’avoir un disque spécialement dédié car ces mises a jour sont obligatoires. On devrait avoir le choix des updates que l’on veut faire et surtout pourvoir refuser celle qui ne nous interesse pas. pour un logiciel relativement cher je trouve cela inadmissible de l’avoir mis sur le marché sans etre parfaitement au point. Je suis désespéré je pense que je vais tout simplement retourner sur Xplane11 qui au finale fonctionne beaucoup mieux, a des rendus graphique presque équivalents et ou beaucoup de scene, aeroport et autre amélioration se trouve gratuitement.

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So I heard back from support. Here is their response:

Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)
Mar 10, 2021, 17:11 GMT+1

Hi xxx,

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker and we’re currently investigating. In the meantime we recommend doing the following:

  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Go to Options > General
  • Select Graphics
  • Under Advanced Settings and scale down “Render Scaling” to 80 instead of 100 or above.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

At least they didn’t tell me to reboot, reload drivers, etc…


At least they are investigating. Let’s hope they can push an update once they find the culprit to everyone’s performance degradation.


At least your getting something. I cant get past the world map screen without it crashing, it was working fine before the last update, No mods or anything running either. About to log a ticket something is wrong.

Bonjour Jeffi27,

Premièrement, les règles du forums obligent les publications en anglais. Ton “post” pourrait être supprimé par le modérateur.

En ce qui me concerne, toutes les mise à jour se sont bien passées et je n’ai pas de problèmes particuliers, même en VR.

First, forums rules require posting in English. Your post could be deleted by the moderator.

For me, all updates went well and I have no specific issues, even in VR.

No performance change here. FPS high 40’s as normal with the A32NX :+1:

Good for you. Glad its working. Its not for others and nothing changed on our end except downloading a new patch.


hope it gets sorted for you :slightly_smiling_face: