What is a city that doesn’t have third party scenery that you’d like Third Party Devs to consider making?

Personally I’d love to see my hometown of Rochester, NY.

I’d also love to see Buffalo and Syracuse as well. These are not glamorous places and won’t be in Asobo’s to-do list anytime soon, if ever. But they all have incredible art-deco architecture and I’d happily shell out the $$$ to see them released as payware scenery.

What are some areas you’d like to see third party devs give some love?


Burlington, Vermont
San Juan, PR
Sioux Falls, SD
Boise, ID

to name a few


KPHX airport and Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is the 5th largest city and growing in the US by population. Our stock airport is broken and needs some love. There is a freeware airport fix but it is limited.


Want to see the Tampa St. Petersburg area!


EDFM, the nearby city of Heidelberg with it’s unique, breathtaking castle which is shown as a couple of ugly concrete blocks in the sim instead of:


That would be something!


Toronto. I don’t live anywhere near there but the current depiction of the city is like a game from the 90’s


Nashville, Tennessee - one of the top tourist places in the US for the past decade or more, and we’re stuck with marginal photogrammetry and solid-wall-to-the-river bridges. Someone please do the airport (KBNA) too, which is in the end-phase of a multi-year terminal complex expansion and rebuild.


Need some Boston and Toronto Scenery!


I came here to say Boston, too.

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I just did a quick search on Flightsim.to and there are a few visual tweaks available for Boston (a waterline fix, Fenway Park, USS Constitution, KBOS …)

But I see there is now also a replacement KBNA reflecting the new terminal upgrades and a bunch of other enhancements. I’ll be loading THAT up tonight, myself. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there’s just the tower for KBOS, not an actual airport.

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I lived in Boston for a few years. Beacon Hill is pretty bad in its current state. There has been a tree growing out of the State House for as long as I can remember. Would love to see an updated Fenway, Boylston, Cambridge, Sea Port, etc. as well. Everything is pretty muddy.

I also live near Rochester, NY and would like to see a city pack. How cool would it be to have the Genesee Brew House, the bridge over High Falls, Kodak Office, Hyatt, Chase Tower, Times Square, etc. Although this is not a city, per se, I’d also like to see a Thousand Islands scenery pack that includes sights like the Thousand Island’s Bridge, Bolt Castle, the Boat House, Alexander Bay, etc.

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Soo many options, but i think my top few would be:

Riga, Latvia
Khabarovsk, Russia
Cairo, Egypt
Calcutta, India
Tirana, Albania
Tehran, Iran


If it’s city only then all the Major cities that are huge. I know Chicago and some are available, but doesn’t hurt to have better competition with flying birds, and what not included. Maybe even people walking, lol.

Also, I hope 2022 we have some better airports that are “alive” in the terminal with maybe even flight notifications on intercom inside the building.

Also would love to see digital guidance signs for parking at terminal.

I’ve seen the bridge on flightsim.to

It would be awesome. Right now the city skyline just doesn’t look right. It’s not a huge city so I can’t imagine it would be as much work as larger cities like Shanghai for example. I’d love to see at least the Susan B Anthony Bridge and the three dominant skyscrapers downtown.

Although i defs enjoy Drzewiecki Design’s Chicago, they really need to work on the optimization. It seems like everyone except for them has issues with it, so hopefully they fix it or someone else comes out with a top-notch Chicago scenery

Chicago suburbs would be cool as well, but i don’t wanna get too greedy haha


I’d buy a good KPIT in a heartbeat.

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Have you seen the freeware version?