What is a default aircraft

Lots of people have responded to criticism of the aircraft by saying things like “What do you expect it is a default aircraft” “Default aircrtaft in other sims do not have fms.” and other Devsplaining.

A default aircraft is one that is provided in sims now…not those of 30 years ago. Most other sims contain fully functional aircraft with few if any Inops that people would use in flight. Have a look at the aircraft in Prepar3d, X-plane or many or many of the other options. Yes there are others. Almost all of these have fully functioning aircraft with working and quite useable fmcs or grahical display units and quite reasonable flight models and good apearance.
\Yes MSFS has gone for glossygraphics…and graphicly the others may not compete but for function I cannot think of a default aircraft in any of the current sims that would not beat MSPS2020, even Flight did.
Do not compare with the year fsx released that is the past. Expectations have moved and the others have delivered.
Study level is a much misused term. Basically it seems to be acepted that the aircraft has its knobs in the right places and flies reasonably well, which most of the default ones now do, with the difference being that “Study Aircraft” model Non Normal situations at least to some degree.
Just be honest. how many aircraft in this sim now come even close to a default aircraft in another sim today, I would say maybe two or three. If this is how they are going to continue to model them in MSFS2002 they may as well pack up now. I hope they do not and expect them to make a real effort to bring them up to scratch in the next few months, Yes they were released early, in my mind not a good move but if not fixed soon I see a reasonably short life for this sim, which does show a lot of promise with its good resource management and world graphics even though many important aifieolds (which were in FSX are missing and the airports it has modeled use their own numbering system for taxiways alienating forever those who fly on VATSM or for the many virtual airlines that exist and are the very people who will spend money for expansions.

Default aircraft aren’t going to make or break a sim. Third party planes are what’s truly important IMO, and as far the sim, it needs to get the world and foundation (physics simulation, input, graphics, weather) right.

What plane in X-Plane/P3D has a working, realistic FMC? The X-Plane 737 sure doesn’t, nor does the 747.

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