What is a good VSPEED?

Im wondering what a proper v/s is for a Airliner and Jet plane…

Im love to fly the Cessna Citation Longitude, and when i click the FLC option the plane goes up like a rocket. As far as I understand from the forums, this is not how it should be in real life. So im sticking to a selected v/s for now

But what is a good climb and decent rate… I tried to find some information about this, but some guides a way over my head. (pun intended)

Anyone has some good information about this, something I can understand :smiley:


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Define “good”!

A few things to consider. There are more but this will do for me.

  1. Passenger comfort. My wife doesn’t like descents of much over 500fpm in a light aircraft. On a jet she doesn’t mind so much, I guess because it is less obvious as she isn’t in the front seat then.
  2. Unpressurized aircraft might need to limit climb and descent speeds so peoples ears can equalise without discomfort.
  3. Fuel/time savings. Commercial operators want to get high quickly and on descent you want the engine to be idling. For GA, I don’t really care.
  4. Performance limitations(power, weight) I flew one aircraft that could barely manage a 300fpm climb on hot summer days but then if I get in a 737 we can be climbing at 3000fpm for the first 6000 feet or so.