What is a Simple Flying aircraft

I am thinking of reinstalling msfs 2020 for just simple vfr flying, no flight plan or autopilot. What is the most stable aircraft to use, only plan to use one

IRL the C152 is the most used plane for learning how to fly so why not try that?


If you’re open to payware, lots of us swear by the JustFlight Piper Arrow III, and the same company is working on releasing a Warrior soon. As for the built-in planes, the Robin DR400 Cadet (one of the most popular trainers in France where Asobo is located so I have a feeling they might have given it more attention than some of the others) and the 152 both feel pretty decent to me although I’ve never flown a real plane to compare them to.

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Default = C172 - Classic if you have the Deluxe Premium package
Payware = Just Flight Arrow III

Soon to be released = Just Flight Warrior II

The Arrow III is a retractable gear model with a constant speed propeller, so a bit more to think about. It’s the best model - currently - in MSFS.

The C172 is pretty close to the real aircraft, but it is a simulator after all. The majority of my “real world” time has been logged in a 172. It’s pretty good…

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If you want to see where you’re going, there are both free and payware offerings of the Edgley Optica. It’s essentially a helicopter cockpit attached to wings and a ducted fan.

Without any complications, that is the Cessna 152 in a nutshell.


Gotgravel savage carbon, great flying, cockpit is perfect , very Stol capable, ETC. If I had to use one plane only it would be the one without question.


The carbon is a nice plane. The C 152 is also very nice so I will choose one of those. I guess one way to enjoy MSFS is uninstall it after SU 2 and reinstall it after SU4. The trees in Southern California look great now. There are lots of them but that is ok. I do see the water in the Santa Ana river still goes over the road. One day I will focus on SIDS and STARS here, but now just simple VFR short flights. This is the first time I ran the sim with the new 1080 TI Overclocked and 4K performance excellent.

I’d take the DA40 or the DR400 any time over the 152 or 172, because I want to see what’s happening to the left/right of me while I’m flying.

I never liked the severely restricted visibility of these aircraft IRL either.

Solo 103 for VR is awesome.
It takes ages to get anywhere, but the view is amazing
And cant be more simple than that

If you want basic flying, fairly accurate dynamics, and would prefer steam gauges, the C152 is also my recommendation.

If you want the C172 with steam gauges and the option to use GPS when you’re ready, then you’ll need Premium or Deluxe.

The Boeing Stearman from Just Flight is a nice easy plane to fly. As is the Coronado. No messing about with flaps or other add ons. One to avoid as I have just found out to my cost is the Orbx Edgeley Optica. A really crude bit of work .

The 152 is very nice but so it the Diamond star. I tried the Da40 without the G1000. The bad thing about that aircraft is it has no autopilot. That is ok but its odd because it has the G530 for flight planning. The DA40 from carendao for P3D has both. Still some issues with the sim in general but much better than before when I gave up on it. I see they fix the taxi lanes at KSNA to match what is on the plate

I have to say the scenery at low altitudes is very good.