What Is Going On! Server and more = (

Long story - not pretty. I got FS2020 and am finally pleased with the product. (since buying it from 1982)
anyway. Having a blast running well on my slow and medium computer I’m shopping for the latest to try and get my play as SMOOTH as the trailer videos.

Anyway - load times are slow (likely due to loading graphics for the departure airport area.
To help I moved my (steam) purchase and install from a external drive to a internet SSD.
The program then seemed to crash? or not work… I then find out after hours of playing around trying to fix what I thought happened in the move that the server was down.
Okay I can understand that but it gets worse.

I install it on my faster machine in teh basement. THAT ONE RUNS. NOT DOWN? the one upstairs has server down problems? WTF? I uninstall it from my machine and go to reinstall. First time it was about a 20 hour download. But I wanted it fixed. I go to reinstall the 20 hours and… in 30 seconds it’s re-installed? WTF? I uninstalled it again, I deleted all the files in the directories. I go to do a 20 hour install. 30 seconds later it’s installed again? Did I say WTF?

Day two (today) some people say it’s back up. Nope it keeps asking me to sign into XBOX on my PC with no way to do it. (It won’t allow anything to happen). Again I check my downstairs computer and it again WORKS FINE. WTF!!! I’ve spent the entire day trying to remove it and install a new 20 hour install and can’t get that to happen. It loads plays music - shows the loading icon (circling) saying LETS GET YOU LOGGED IN: and - noda. I’m no computer novice. My first PC was 1980. probably 30 machines since then. But WTF? This is nuts. If it was the server my downstairs computer would not be working? IT’s driving me even more batty than trying to find a i9 with a 3080 card. - I feel like I’m living in a socialistic country. We can’t get anything.

I may be wrong and am happy to be corrected.
But I didn’t think you could play the sim on more than one machine at a time? Are you trying to run both PC’s at the same time?

Yesterdays server problem was Xbox, but that’s okay now. However currently seems to be a problem with MS servers, can’t get online here in UK although apparently US is working (well in some places).

no - I don’t use downstairs computer but it’s FASTER so I installed it to try it and yep runs better. But I don’t want to play in the basement. So I turned off that computer and it won’t run upstairs. It can be installed on both (or should be) but Steam will now allow you to log in on both computers.
yeah some say works - others in WISCONSIN say no - I’m one state over in Michigan, but if thats the issue then why does it work on the downstairs computer!?!?! that’s whats crazy.

ALSO Xbox app tells me that my link to facebook is in error. I go to link to facebook again and no matter what I do it says they’re not linked. I’m gonna look at the facebook link on that computer. And check box sign in.

Hi! The above clued me in. There must an issue with your xbox account (sign in or not authenticated) - since facebook isn’t connecting either. You said you are using Steam (which does not need the xbox app) - but you have it installed? Try signing out then back in. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the xbox app and reinstall.

To Note: You can have MSFS installed on more than one device. Only one can be active.

I guess it makes sense from a business point of view to only allow one device to be logged in to the software at any time. Once you activated the sim on your pc in the basement it would have disabled the licence on the original pc.
So I’m thinking it’s just a matter of log in problems rather than reinstalling.

SOLUTION I found. I had to delete all the config and files in the hidden dir users/appdata/roaming/microsoftflightsimulator.

Once I detelted that - it worked, but I had removed all the files trying to uninstall it and spent another 20 hours downloading it from Steam. But it’s working okay now. The Xbox login was messed up. Once I deleted those conf files and data it showed a different (non graphic) xbox login and that worked fine.

I am really unhappy with the steam version and trying to get a refund (AGAIN) because I want the prem deluxe vers and I want the marketplace to work. I can’t buy anything currently with steam version. = (
I didn’t know of the other ways to buy it. I’ve always liked steam. But seems MSFT isn’t handing the release very well. (upgrades cost more? no upgrades on steam, no market for the add ons on steam).

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