What is happening today in Asobo’s office?

Hi Asobo! How are you?
What is the schedule for today’s office routine?
Do you have any discussions on SU5 issues or just normal standard working day? Any business meetings or hot discussions?
The silence from you as developers is a little frightening. Is everything is ok on your side? Nobody left the company? All are ok?
Considering booming feedback on SU5 you can come to the social media and say something. Like “we know all issues and are working on it”. Or “we know all issues but don’t know how to fix it”. Or “those issues were part of the plan”. Or any other information which can calm down the Sim Community which is overheat today as never before.
Please don’t put us into the darkness of uncertainty and say something. How is your working day today?


Maybe they’re still celebrating the SU5 release and haven’t seen the forums yet. lol

The whole thing is just sad



Could also be all the forum admins asking where an official statement is.


It would be nice to know when we can start expecting some fix’s for stuff like the weather?

Useless post.


Edit - please let’s close this thread!


Asobo do what there paymasters at Microsoft tell them to do. Asobo can promise an XBox version that has no visual impact or dumbing down of the PC version, which is exactly what they did promise and i assume could have delivered, but Microsoft obviously decided were not paying for that, and told them what they wanted from Asobo. The silence from Asobo may be deafening but Microsoft have a history of going quiet or pulling the pin on something when it all goes wrong. My guess is Asobo have been told to keep their heads below the parapet until this blows over and someone can think of a suitable “promise” to fix it.

They are looking forward for the green light to bring back these glorious photorealistic 32 bit colour depth PC clouds from the early release days to appease the PC community.

I really love this sim and rarely have CTD - but I really want my icing effects and my ultra cloud visuals back - clouds without colour banding (mach-bands) and with superb 32 bit colour depth cloud and nebula formations :wink:

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