What is it with plastic?

Many of us here are using good quality, but older peripherals (they rarely make 'em like that anymore) that as they age, acquire that film of … Stuff… that has a waxy, grimy feel that is almost impossible to clean? I have spent long flights on A/P in order to hit both stick and throttle with my chemical warfare cupboard of proprietory cleaning products, razor blade and even rubbing alcohol. Whilst I am proud of my efforts, in terms of man hours it would have been cheaper to get new kit, or so you would have thought. FFB sticks are not as cheap as they once were and the chances of my Honeycomb Bravo arriving any day soon are two fifths of five eighths of s*d all.

So. Is anyone else afflicted and what is their cleaning method of Choice?

Mostly alcohol is what I use. Just got to clean them regularly.

I got a 25 year old wingman and a 20 year warthog hotas, and while they dont look new, their not dirty, they’re just worn…All I ever used on them was a little alcohol and a piece of cotton to clean them (and not very often at that). Im hoping that my new X56 holds up as well and those 2 did, since they both still work rather well…