What is limited by CoherentGTDraw

i am being limited by coherent gt draw in VR and when i come out of VR i am still limited by it as shown in the screenshot.
im flying at FL330 over rural areas and my cpu and gpu time is very low so i dont expect to be getting 27 fps but the coherent draw is really giving me issues now.

my specs are 10900K and 3080 so these fps are very strange.

anyone have an idea on why this is happening?

EDIT: btw it is only happening in the cockpit. all timings are back to normal outside the cockpit at the gt draw is 0.5ms. something to do with the glass cockpit i guess but why has it suddenly started happening?

EDIT2: its the glass cockpit refresh rate. LOW makes the numbers go back to normal and i gain 30FPS. this doesnt make sense. havent seen this happening before.

using the A320

I’ve posted about a bug in FS2020 which might be what your seeing here.

[Update 02JAN2021 - Settings for Motion Reprojection]

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