What is needed in a mod folder to override a default aircraft or an addon also in community folder


Thankyou in advance to those of you that take the time to respond.

As the title says really. I’m trying to gain understanding of how and when some mod xml overrides what comes with an aircraft.

Some questions.

Does the whole file have to be copied and then modified or can you just reference an existing or new Component ID?

What is the sim looking for in the community folder if a file or part of a file is intended to override the default?

Am i correct in assuming that community loads after official and in alphabetical order?

If my assumption about the load order is correct to mod the behaviour of an addon aircraft in the community folder is it just a case of having to give the mod a name that is after its intended target in the alphabetical list so it loads later?

I’ve tried 2 examples one a default aircraft and one an add-on. In both instances my xml code works when placed in the actual aircraft interior.xml files but i’m trying to get them to work standalone as a single very basic mod so there is no risk of it getting replaced if the aircraft are updated.

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No magic, files are overriden by load order
When the file structure and naming is the same of what you want to override

E.g. you want to override the f18 exterior XML model, your mod must contain this folder structure, where f18_addon is the name of your mod


This overrides this specific file in the Asobo default f18, because it is contained in


Same file structure, same file name, same directories

Community in loaded after official, anything there can override it

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

I did mess with following the same folder structure but to get it to build i had to include the aircraft.cfg, model and LOD files even though i’m not touching them. Is there a way round this or is this absolutely necessary?

The whole original file needs to be included even though i’m changing just a small part of it?

Does the f18_addon mod name have to include f18 or can this be anything? I’ve noticed some variation on this but they always seem to include the model somewhere in the name. mostly either as a prefix or a suffix in the mod name. I’d like to call it something non aircraft specific if its possible.

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