What is "Next Generation" about 2024?

What about 2024 makes it “next generation” compared to 2020? To me, this is the ONLY question about 2024 that matters. Forget the whole career mode thing, the whole “simmer” vs. “gamer” thing, and all that for the moment. That’s just a distraction. I’m looking for a justification to market 2024 as a full-price, stand-alone product rather than as a DLC pack.

When you tag a new, stand-alone product with “next generation”, it raises expectations of fundamental improvements to the previous generation. New technologies in various aspects, new ways of modeling things, etc. So what are these things in 2024? Prior to and shortly after 2020’s release, which was also touted as “next generation”, there was a whole string of “feature discovery” videos overviewing the core aspects of 2020 (flight modeling, 3D modeling, sounds, terrain, weather, nav data, etc.) to show how they were way better than FSX or any prior sim, and thus worthy of the “next generaion” tag. This all pretty much justified the “next generation” tag and is what got everybody excited. Not just customers but even 3rd party devs who decided to concentrate on 2020 to the exclusion of other sims.

So, where are the 2024 “feature discovery” videos justifying why 2024 is “next generation” compared to 2020? Where are even statements such as “2024 is significantly better at its core than 2020 and we’ll show you why in the coming months” ? If such evidence is presented and makes a solid case, then even cynical me will get excited about 2024. NOT for the career mode (although a couple look fun) but for getting a better sim experience in general that makes it worth buying a new stand-alone product.

As it stands now, however, I’m just seeing an over-priced DLC for 2020. How else would (nearly) all the existing planes be compatible? Of course, there are degrees of compatibility. Maybe 2020 planes will only work in 2024 with a new “2020 Legacy” flight model option similar to the existing “FSX Legacy” flight model. If that’s the case, then great! That means a fundamentally new (and hopefully better) flight model for 2024 and I’ll be excited.

And really, what else can 2024 offer over 2020 than a totally new flight model? Maybe some tweaks to how graphics are displayed, a less-clunking UI, etc., too. But it’ll still be the same Bing, the same Live Weather, etc. Thus, I’m not expecting much VISIBLE change in 2024, but I’ll settle for major flight model improvements.

Anyway, Asobo, show us why 2024 warrants both being a stand-alone product and the “next generation” tag. Thanks.


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To be fair, there was the announcement of MSFS in 2019, then over the course of the year, different videos were introduced. There were the discovery videos. And then highlight videos of each continent. They were spaced out between announcement and release to keep up excitement.

Thiw was just announced this week. And development still has 1 to 1.5 years to go. Over time I am sure they will answer all your questions.

But as for this is the same sim with just missions, I am guessing not. You don’t hire powerhouse talent like Andrey Solomykin just to add in mission logic to an existing game.


I just hope that they don’t quietly start making MSFS 2020 performance worse through future updates with the intention of forcing players to switch to 2024.


Next generation, id like to think they are using a new game engine.

Perhaps they couldnt do anymore with that side of it with 2020, without a whole rewrite, so thats why they started again?

MSFS 2024 was announced at the Xbox Showcase event, as that’s Microsoft’s major event to announce new entertainment products.

An event like FSExpo is a much better suited occasion to dig a bit deeper, and more information will naturally be revealed over the coming months :slightly_smiling_face:


I suppose it’s not just one thing, but the accumulation of all the new features. new trees, new planes, new activities, maybe new elements to rendering scenery etc.

It’s just the next step, just like the step between FS2002 and FS2004 was a gradual improvement over a couple of elements. It had slightly better autogen, better clouds etc, but was still based on the same basic engine in many ways.

perhaps there would be a way to offer this as a DLC to the existing siim as well, but since people need to be payed, I suppse they have to generate a new flow of income every now and then. So they make sure there’s a significant enough of a step between the new ond the old sim and offer it as a new product. There’s no obigation to buy it, you can also hold on to MSFS 2020

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The term “next generation” implies significant advancements and improvements over the previous version to me, but the specific details you are looking for of what “next generation” means for MSFS2024 have not been officially disclosed yet. I believe it likely refers to several potential aspects… Platform enhancements in terms of features, capabilities, performance, optimization, and utilization of modern hardware capabilities additional weather effects, improved ATC, expanded airport and scenery details, overall graphics, improvements in the underlying technology, tools, and infrastructure that support MSFS, etc.… and the list goes on. That’s my guess, but we will need to wait for MS/Asobo’s official announcements.

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If is a funny choice of words.

2020 was a true next generation sim, as it was a flagship release for the Xbox Series X.

2024 is the next generation of Asobo’s rebooted MSFS franchise.

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I think they call it next generation because of the newer Asobo engine

To achieve this unprecedented level of accuracy, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is powered by the significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine.

From the announcement Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: The Next Generation of the Legendary Franchise - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Edit: and of course, marketing people love the word new

It has made me wonder if they are seeking a wider market by turning the simulator into being an action game more adapted to dedicated gamers then serious simmers. If so, I hope that msfs 2020 stays and continues to be developed as a serious simulator. Serious simmers and RL pilots are less interested in the game part.

“Newer” is just marketing term. It still mostly uses the same MSFS2020 engine for sure. Just like FSX and FS2004 and FS2002 - otherwise you don’t get that much backward compatibilities.

So “simmer” vs “gamer” debate does not really sound that accurate to me. It will still largely retain most of the advancements in FS2020, and brought into other gimmicks and features of 2024.

My biggest concern is simply the “bloat” from all those gaming features → yes, it has to run in Xbox machines, so it won’t be that system taxing (depending on settings in PC version), but given the customisation (add-ons) that a PC could accumulate, the 2024 bloat might make it perform worse than 2020. Who knows? I just hope performance optimisation gets significant attention - as it is also a big thing for the “gamers”.

As for next generation - we can only speculate about what are they keeping there - entirely new weather engine? Flight dynamics simulation? World simulation? Integrated human physics? Thing like these could be “game-breaking” in FS2020 as a DLC or SU release. However, I am also preparing to get disappointed hehehe… it is not like we are always fine with this franchise. Back in FS2000 - it was very awful, but people stuck with it, some of them until today even.

It is not like all addon developers or MS-Asobo partners fully utilise FS2020 graphics as well. Their ATRs for example, doesn’t have that light bloom effect, I barely noticed that the beacons are on. It is miles from PDMG, who is not only excelling at system depth, but also visual quality.


I get that is what people fear, based upon that is the only thing shown in the promo. But Flight Simulator has the whole world modelled. The whole world. If this new version of the sim was only missions, then you would only ever get to see 0.0000001% of that modelled world. Of course you will still be able to do what you did in 2020. Microsoft has been yearly investing in BlackShark’s research work. That wouldn’t make sense if the new sim was going to only constrain people to say 60 missions.

So for all the people that are fearing making you own flight plan, etc is going away, its not. The other evidence of this is, all airports are compatible. If the sim was only going to be 60 missions, then there would be no way to get to your 3rd party airports.

Don’t worry. The activities that interest core simmers will still be there.


did they expect people to be quiet and wait patiently after the 2024 announcement?

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I don’t think your reasoning is fair. For a software product there comes a moment that the number of changes vs the original release justifies bumping the version number and calling it a new product. The changes don’t have to be revolutionary or easily visible by the end user. In the current philosophy of creating software, they are most likely gradual.

They need to draw a line somewhere and they did. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Have been playing this game for 4 years now and paid only once. Bought a few addons but not from the in-game store. If I can get something unlocked and immediate updates and definitely prefer that.

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this topic turning into the same discussion as all the other fs2024 topics

Do the current landing challenges hinder you? Do the bush trips prevent you from flying your flying bus from a to b?

I don’t think the new activities will be a problem.


Landing challenges and bush trips can be regular pilot training and are useful as long as the aircraft and their functions are as accurate as possible. There is a lot of work to be done before we get there, both with bugs, vr performance, behavioral accuracy in the planes and weather modeling. I don’t think we can get everything from Asobo. There are always priorities to where your bet is placed, in the game section or the sim engine.

No one except Microsobo insiders knows.
Plenty here THINK they know.


Excellent questions. And I’ll leave it at that.

I see this being banded around a fair bit. I do not really understand the logic and why people are coming to such conclusions. It will still be a simulator and operate in the same way as MSFS does, it will just have a sophisticated career mode on top of that.