What is /Set the default for the new CG center of gravity? Per aircraft?

The range on the empty CG is pretty ridiculous. Asobo’s idea is that all planes are slightly different from eachother, so no two planes will have the same CG or control surfaces limits. First off, this is so gimmicky, it’s ridiculous. It’s nice to have, sure, but out of all the things this sim needs, why this? Probably took 1 hour to implement and they could say they implemented a new feature… And secondly, there is no way any of those settings should vary that much.

It’s a silly feature that creates more problems than it solves…

Very silly “feature” indeed. Unfortunately it makes it very hard to fly any airplane (especially taildraggers). You always have to check your CG or you might experience long takeoffs or nose overs.

This is particular bad in bushtrips, as you have NO RESET feature there. Basically renders all the bushtrips with taildraggers useless.

How come not more people are voting this up?

This still seems to be a problem the CG setting is not always stored (After SU4)
So I always need to check before a flight, sometimes the slider is way out of limit sometimes it remembers the setting from the last flight but it seems pretty random. (even with the same fuel/pax/payload amounts)
It also changes randomly when changing a livery of the same aircraft.
Pretty annoying. (and also causes a lot of complaints from users to aircraft devs and here on the forum about weird flight behaviours)

Voted, still no CG reset button.